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Why Should I Vote For Ed Sands?

I was on Council when Sustainable Okotoks was developed. I have promoted and defended Sustainable Okotoks in national and international forums. It is my commitment to continue to apply these principles in "Okotoks 3.0".

I am a dedicated team player, respectful of my fellow councillors' opinions and perspectives. I am neither a maverick nor a sycophant. My priority is for the residents of Okotoks

Much of my Council service has been on regional boards. I have the experience and contacts to ensure Okotoks remains a regional leader.

I staunchly side with our residents on contentious issues. (You may notice my signs are primarily sited on residential land!)

I value and seek out innovative solutions to difficult problems.

I will not try to buy your votes with promises of lavish spending of your money.

Committed to Innovative Solutions
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