Ryan Taal

Ryan Taal is pilot and namesake of Bobteam Taal. He has competed in the sliding sports since 2007, first as a skeleton athlete then moving to bobsleigh in 2009.

He began in bobsleigh as crew under pilot Alan Farley. He was then given the opportunity to forerun the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games with pilot Chris Gudzowsky and crew members Mike McCorkell and Derek Plug. The next season he was given the opportunity to learn how to pilot a bobsleigh. He spent 2 months crewing for Chris Gudzowsky and Efrem Violato and competed in America's Cup and World Cup races. Upon his return Calgary after the short tour he went back to driving the sled and crewing for Efrem Violato in 4man.

Ryan received the 2010/2011 Novice Pilot of the Year award from the Alberta Bobsleigh Association and went on to race his first International race in Lake Placid, New York, arguably one of the most difficult tracks in the world. He looks forward to continued success in the upcoming season and is working hard to establish himself as one of the top bobsleigh pilots in the world.

Past Team Members

Past team members include Geoff Wieler, Dakota White, Clay Sparks, and Jamie Willetts.