Text Box: At work and a view from the “office” of the approach to Osaka, Japan.
Text Box: Completed Glycine Airman project, ca 1963
Text Box: Part of the Calculator collection featuring my Summits, ca 1973
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Just a personal site exhibiting some of the restorations of watches I have done over the last few years.  Calculators and slide rules will be added later.  This page is under construction and will be changing!!!!


Here is the link to the Glycine Airman restoration I undertook on June 4, 2005.  It is a large document (8mb) so give it time to load.






I wrote this for the Glycine Forum at WatchUSeek web site, see links page.

Where we are.


British Columbia



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Text Box: Had to display the picture on the left.  My wife’s first painting and I love it!
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Glycine restoration Article