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The sky is the limit. He knows no bounds. There is no such thing as gravity. He can slay dragons with a wooden stick. We are his hero's. Molly the dog is his faithful sidekick. A kiss and a bandaid heals all wounds. He is 9. He is special. We love you Matt.



I am a 50-ish year old Millwright,Business Adminstrator graduate of CNC Prince George and a programmer analyst. My programming language of choice is a RAD tool called Delphi. I married the love of my life in 1996. Heather taught me to have confidence, walk, dress, eat. I was doing these things all wrong before. ;^) In 2002 Matt, was born. As all new parents can attest. Kids are big sponges. Careful what you teach them!


Heather graduated with honors from the Eastern School Of Business. Not only has she sucessfully ran other business interests for employers, she sucessfully ran our business. Our first love was Progressive Software & Consulting Ltd. We opened in 1998 and closed in 2007, due to an illness. Heather has two boys Steven and Kevin. She also has A granson Brendan who lives in Newbrunswick. Steven lives in New Brunswick while Kevin lives in Northern BC.


Matthew is now 9 (2011). Very skilled at computers. He can kick my butt in Wolfenstien 3D or WOW or RAS95, but he cannot clean his room, wipe his nose or shovel the drive way! Go figure. Matt has many challenges today and more in the future. I have confidence he will meet and exceed them like he does with his computer games. A push here, a nudge there and Matt will find the right path. Against all odds he passed into grade 2 and with luck will move into 3 this year. Go Matt!!!

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