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For the past 14 years, I have collected vintage GI JOEs and other toys that I had or wanted as a kid in the 1960s/70s.
My collection grew far beyond what I had intended but I focused on vintage HASBRO prototypes, salesman samples and rare variations.
I was more interested in obtaining one of every variation than owning only MIB/MOC sets. If you are seeking MIB/MOC items, I have very few if any.
I spent many thousands of hours collecting photos (over 17,000 at last count including many EBay closed auction screen captures) and information on vintage HASBRO, foreign market and after market items and documents, etc.
As a scientist, I strongly support peer review, so if you see something incorrectly described, please alert me with backup information and I will gladly make necessary corrections ASAP.

If you are a serious collector interested in purchasing a set or the entire collection, contact me for more info or photos of specific items.

My email.