Gale Pirie, CPPA
Complete Appraisal Services:
        - Insurance, Pre-loss insurance
        - Family division - estates, seperation and divorce, downsizing
        - Inventories
        - Certified reports for legal purposes
 There are sound reasons why today's owners of art, antiques and collectables should have an informed valuation and inventory. The value of antiques and art has risen sharply over recent years making the need for an up-to-date evalution vital in the event of damage or loss if a full claim is to be made from an insurance company. Many insurance companies encourage pre-loss appraisal reports. Antiques and fine art are not generally covered by insurance policies unless appraised and insured separately.

 With an aging population, downsizing to smaller homes or moving to extended care situations, often involves distributing or sales of personal property including furnishings. Appraisal will separate valuables from garage sale items! Many appraisal clients are surprised at the value they have in personal property.

 Many financial institutions now require certified appraisal reports prepared by accredided appraisers for finance purposes. Valuation is also needed in many business liquidation  and aquisition situations. Valuations are also necessary for other reasons including for probate and family division purposes, including separation and divorce situatiuons.

 Gale Pirie is highly qualified and has many years of experience in valuing antiques, personal and general property here in Canada and for International clients. She offers a highly confidential and professional service. Gale is experienced in providing an efficient and personal service to suit each client's requirements  with follow-up advice in the future. Through regular contact with auction houses and specialists across North America and Europe, she maintains a current knowledge of values and trends, essential in a market which is affected greatly by demand from foreign buyers.  Gale is an accredited member in good standing of the CPPAG (Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group).

 Contact Information:
 Phone #: 604-467-4099
 Fax #:     604-467-4099
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