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Summer Guardian Sun Mask

"Summer Guardian" sun mask

Roger Gray – Tsimshian Artist
Native name: Lee'x

Lax Kw'Alaams (Port Simpson, B.C.)

Roger’s been an artist all his life. He was inspired and formally trained by his cousin, established Tsimshian artist, Henry Green in 1985. Roger is proficient in carving masks, sculptures, totem-poles, and bentwood boxes. He also paints drums, engraves silver jewellery, and digitally animates.

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Roger's latest creations in carving are of a sun mask called, "Summer Guardian", completed in 2011, and a raven rattle called, "Spiritual Journey", completed in 2012. Click on the images to see more info.


Spiritual Journey raven rattle with marble stand

"Spiritual Journey" raven rattle

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Silkscreen prints and Giclee prints are also available to purchase in the design section.

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