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Roger Gray - Tsimshian artist - Native name: Lee'x

Roger Gray, a Northwest coast native, was born in Prince Rupert, B.C. and raised in Port Simpson, B.C. in 1969. He is of the Tsimshian Ginadoiks Tribe, belonging to the Lax Kw'alaams native band.

Roger has always enjoyed the creative arts in his spare time, but when his cousin Henry Green came to teach Native Art to the Lax Kw'alaams Junior Secondary School in 1984, he found his cultural calling.

Roger's inspirations come from his belated aunt and grandfather. While he was growing up he spent his summers in Metlakatla, B.C. with his grandparents, and his two older brothers: Theodore and Victor. Roger and his grandfather, "Bubba", shared a special bond that gave him patience, aesthetics, and aspirations. During the school year he was in Port Simpson with his mother Norma, where he spent a lot of time with his aunty Fran; she taught him endurance, dedication, and the strive for excellence. These admiring qualities give him that special artist's eye....

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