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Day Star giclee prints med


Day Star giclee prints - 2012

This design was originally a commissioned drawing, which led to a completely digital format, done through Adobe Illustrator. The Day Star prints are professionally done through a local printer, in Vancouver, B.C., on very durable 100 lb white cardstock. The reason for the giclee prints, instead of limited edition silkscreen prints, was to make it available to the whole world at a low price.

The GrayArts Multimedia watermark is for copyright purposes and to prevent any unautherized reproductions of the print. The official prints are without the watermark, and each print is signed by the artist.

Print: ( 8” x 10”)

Information: ( 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”)

Retail: $20.00 (Signed by Roger)

Day Star information med


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