A Simple Reminder Program

I developed ForgetNot using Java because I was unable to find a reminder program with a small footprint for the Windows operating system (i.e. the program runs in the system tray).

This program is designed for annual reminders such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The program provides a simple database entry dialog box for all your reminders. When the program detects that it is time for the alarm for the reminder (for example, three days before the reminder), an alarm dialog box appears. The dialog can be "snoozed" for a selectable duration.



System tray icon access with a tooltip to show your upcoming reminders

Example pop-up reminder dialog box.


Reminder database entry and modification dialog. Access is available from the system tray icon.



Download ForgetNot
Version 3.4

Run the self-extracting installation program. The installer adds the ForgetNot shortcut to your startup folder.

After the installation completes, the program will start and prompt you for the location of the reminder database file. It is suggested that you store the database under your documents folder or a folder that you typically backup on a regular basis.

Add reminders and enjoy.


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Freeware Home - Free Software Downloads

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System Requirements

Basically any Microsoft Windows Operating System that supports WIN32 executables.

Java must be installed to use this program.
Download Java.


Licensing and Problem Reports

ForgetNot is distributed as freeware.

If you use this software and enjoy it, then please make a donation to acknowledge my effort on Paypal.

Email problem reports and/or enhancement requests to and I will do my best to incorporate fixes and enhancements into the next release.