Welcome to my new website.
My Cattery is located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
Situated on the sunny
banks of the South Saskatchewan River in the south east corner of Alberta.
Medicine Hat is a city of approximately 55, 000.
A thriving community!

I first got interested in Maine Coons, "Gentle Giants" sometime in the '90's when I purchased my first Maine Coon as a pet. After several months I realized what an amazing creature Johnny was. I thought about the possibility of stepping into the world of cat shows. I had experience in the show arena as I had spent a few years showing dogs. This proved to be very physically demanding and regrettably I had to discontinue this passion. My desire to give credit and to honor such beautiful creatures never subsided. I considered showing Maine Coons, afterall I had possibly the most beautiful animal living in my home. I felt there would be a tremendous amount of primping required to maintain such a beautiful, magnicificant coat. I attended a cat show just to have a look and ask a few questions. Where I had the pleasure of meeting Terry & Cindy of AnTarCin Cattery. They dispelled any misconceptions I may have had about what was required to be successful. I left that show with the arrival date set for my first show cat, Vinnie. He proved to be quite a successful competitor. Ultimately claiming the title of The International Cat Association's Northwest Region 2nd Best of Breed Alter Maine Coon 2001 -2002 Over the next few years I purchased several Maine Coons and attended various Cat shows in several cities. I have had varying success with all of my show cats. Winning numerous titles. Like everything in life it was time to step it up. I got involved in breeding. It was important to me to maintain bloodlines. I researched reputable breeders for available kittens and decided to work only with those with proven pedigrees. To date I have had 8 litters with 4 Queens producing over 40 kittens. I have 1 Tom in my cattery. I have worked in conjunction with other breeders leasing and lending which has resulting in numerous other kittens. I have no prejudice with regards to colors or patterns. In fact I compare it to that of the anticipation of patiently waiting the arrival of a new baby. Not knowing whether it will be a boy or a girl. As long as they are healthy I am thrilled! My cats are all raised in my home with me as part of the family with access to an outdoor fenced run. My Toms of course have to be segregated for obvious reasons but are not caged or confined. They are restricted to my family room and spare bedrooms in the basement. During the summer months they are residing in the summer house located in the garden. My journey has come full circle considering I wasn't really optimistic when I was first introduced to cats. I have since realized that with a little research and love anything is possible. I plan on spending many more years passionate about Maine Coons. And the rest, well let's just say is.......history!