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Welcome to my professional and business web page. Non-technical people should please click the above link and proceed to the page.

IT professionals and students interested in the page should read the following notes first. The page is an educational project with two major features:

  • The ability to handle large amount of text including callout boxes and present the content neatly regardless of window size. Window size can vary from full screen to one inch wide and still have a readable article.
  • Provide cacading menu thumbnails (pictures) for each menu choice that includes random transitions and effects. Clicking a menu heading does an orderly cascade, whereas hovering over menu options can behave a bit wild and will have a toggle to turn it off soon.

So this was an effort to upgrate my 2002 limited JavaScript and HTML skills to current (2011) levels. There were in fact numerous educational goals and an unusual verbose style adopted. I will list some of the key objectives.

  • Adopt advance CSS3 skills.
  • Develop advanced script skills.
  • Make no use of frameworks (pure JavaScript.)
  • Use (almost) all script features.
  • Create large complex scripts to test the limits of various browsers.
  • Use a highly verbos style.
  • Create and debug the project without using on-line resources of any sort.
  • There are numerous global variables that should be comments.

I had found that trouble shooting these days seems to more an issue of doing good internet research rather than original investigation and testing. So it was interesting to do the project without any on-line resources. Because of this, there is some functionality that really should be ignored. Specifically, the object copy is both long and poor and no doubt one example that should have been retrieved from the net.

Similarly, I now know that some of my techniques are dated, regarless of the absence of frameworks. One good example being declaring arrays of a fixed size rather than stating the intended size in a comment.

Overall the project was a personal success. I now have a decent template I can easily plug content into through either server side includes or a javascript get.