The Hunt Family of Hevingham and Felthorpe in the County of Norfolk, England.


On  the 16th of June 1676 Mary (Chapman) the wife of Robert Hunt was buried in the church yard of the village of Hevingham in the County of Norfolk, England. Robert and Mary had been married in  June of 1649 and the record indicates that they had one child, a boy, Edmund, who was born in Westwick, Norfolk on the 29th of November 1649.


On the 17th of April 1682 Edmund married Francis (Thorton) in Norwich at the Church of St. Mary in the Marsh. Mary was from Sparham, Norfolk and that is where their first three children, James, Francesca and Anne, were born.The family then moved back to Hevingham.

On the 20th of October 1714 James Hunt married Ursula (Slyford) of Sparham, Norfolk. They settled in Sparham and over the next nine years produced eight children, four boys, Robert, James, Edmund and Peter, and four girls, Mary, April, Amy and Isabella.

Edmund, who had been born in 1722 married Ann and   on the 25th April, 1756 their son, Edmund, was born in Elsing.

Edmund Hunt married Elizabeth (Fuller) on the 5th of January 1781 in the village church of Felthorpe, Norfolk. Edmund was a agricultural labourer and the church record details Elizabeth as a "Spinster of the Parish"

Their first child William was born in 1789. Four more children followed, three girls and a boy. The boy was born in 1797 and was named after his Father Edmund.

Edmund, like his Father before him, became an agricultural labourer and in 1821 married Elizabeth (Allen). Elizabeth came from the neighboring parish, Hevingham and the church record indicates that their first three children, William ,George and Edmund were born there. However sometime after 1827 the family moved back to Felthorpe. Where, over the next twelve years four more children, Benjamin, James, Sarah and Gabriel were born. 

William Hunt, who had been born in 1822, was my Great Grandfather and it was the family bible in which he recorded the details of his family that gave me the incentive to research the history of the Hunt family.

William, in the Family tradition, began his working life as a agricultural labourer but by the time of his death in 1891  had been an apprentice and then master carpenter and finally had become a farmer.

William married Francis (Norman) from the same village, in 1849. Over the next fifteen years they had seven children. Two girls, Sarah and Elizabeth and five boys, George, James, Gabriel, William and Benjamin. Benjamin, my Grandfather, was born in October, 1864.

Benjamin grew up in Felthorpe and until his mid twenties worked on the land as his ancestors had done before him. However in the late 1880's he did what many people were doing at that time and moved to London seeking a better life.

Many men from a rural background were obtaining work with the brewery companies located in all the large towns and cities. This is exactly what Benjamin did, finding employment as a Drayman with Watneys Brewery in Westminster in London. There had been a Brewery on the same site since the 1420's when a   Thomas Green had set up a Brewhouse to supply Westminster Abbey with beer. Following the suppression of the Monasteries by Henry VIII the Brewhouse became the Stag Brewery until being taken over by James Watney in 1837.

In 1891 Benjamin met and married my Grandmother Ada Denyer who, prior to the marriage had been working at the Royal Masonic School in Woodgreen, also in London.

Ada's family "The Denyers" were first recorded as living in and around the village of Chiddingfold in the county of Surrey   in the 16th century.

A will that was "marked and sealed" in February of 1779 details the division of the property of John  Denyer   between his three sons and a daughter, John, Thomas, William, George and Elizabeth.

George Denyer, my direct ancestor, was married to Maria (Eede) in Chiddingfold in 1768 and between that date and October 1793 produced a total of 14 children. Eight boys, Robert, John, William, George, James, Job, Thomas and Henry  and six girls Maria, Elizabeth, Ann, Hannah, Charlotte and Frances. Thomas, Ada's Grandfather was born in 1788 and at the age of forty married Rebecca (Thyar). They are recorded as having two children Caroline and Harvey.

Harvey, Ada's Father, was born in 1830 and is recorded as a Widower at his marriage to Ada's Mother Mary Ann (Blackwell).

Ada Denyer was born in Tonbridge, Kent in November, 1864.

Benjamin and Ada's first child William Harvey was born at Westminster in 1891 but died at the age of two. Two more boys, William and Wilfred and a girl, Amelia Rose were born before the turn of the century. In 1901 another boy, Benjamin, was born and then, in 1904, their last child, Leonard John Hunt, my Father, was born.

The Family all survived the First World War but tragedy was soon to follow. Ada died in the influenza epidemic of 1919 and its after effects took Amelia and Wilfred in 1922 and Benjamin in 1926.

In his twenties my Father, Leonard, became a Chauffeur in the employment of the Tate and Lyle sugar company. 

Britain declared war on Germany on the  1st September 1939 and four days later Leonard John Hunt  married my Mother,  Violet Edna Fullard  in   Chelsea, London, England.

My Mothers family  the Fullards originated in and around the town of Wolverhampton in the County of Staffordshire. 

Fanny's Wolverhampton. My Maternal Grandmother  Fanny Elizabeth Bush had married Arthur Fullard in March of 1907 and they had had five children Violet Edna, Albert, Edgar, Ina May and Raymond all born in Wolverhampton. My Mother, Violet Edna, was born at 13 Prole Street, Wolverhampton on the 17th December  1907.


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