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Updated 17 Feb 2009

Darwin's Outcasts in "Calling Dr Quill"

"Academic Indignity" was made in protest of a riduculous plan scheduled to go ahead this spring in Alberta. Please watch.

Darwin's Outcasts in Academic Indignity
Uploaded by Darwinian_Outcast

To protest against this supposed "research" project, please visit the following links:

Premier of Alberta, Ed Stelmach

Minister of Sustainable Resources, Ted Morton

University of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences

Here is a link in the news if you want to read about it:
Vancouver Sun article
And a link to the Defenders of Wildlife in Canmore AB, if you'd like information from them. They know all about it:
Defenders of Wildlife, Canada Office, Canmore

There is also a petition you can sign at: Online petition - Petition Against Proposed Alberta Wolf Cull

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I have been drawing cartoons of animals since I was a kid. It's about the only thing I'm good at.

Darwin's Outcasts first took shape in 1994. A couple of friends of mine (you know who you are) saw my drawings and suggested I make a newspaper comic strip with characters based on people we knew. After discussing the odd group of characters (including me!) available, the personalities of the characters were formed.

I was originally trying to get it picked up by the syndicates, but after about a year of endless rejection slips, I went to a vanity publisher and had the samples, of which I had 4 months worth if they ran in a daily, and had them bound into a book, spending more money than I could afford on it. I trotted it down to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

I don't think I ever made my money back. C'est la vie.

Then life intervened, I left my home province of Ontario, and went looking for a real job in Alberta.

I did try selling some to the local newspaper in Grande Prairie, Alberta. They wouldn't buy the strip, but they did pay $10 per editorial cartoon. I did a few, but it wasn't really worth the time and trouble.

The other item I have here for download is a story I did for the Western Standard Magazine, in support of their decision to run the controversial Mohammed cartoons. They claimed they had too much mail volume to notice it.

Now that I have some decent equipment, that can handle high-speed internet and such, I have decided to give Darwin's Outcasts another go, this time doing away with all the middlemen. I offer my currently available works for free download, so that anyone who cares to look, can. If I see some support - financial or moral or whatever, I will be creating more (and maybe putting up different works as well.) So, if you like it, You can throw me an e-mail saying so at
To make things easy, I have a PAYPAL account; a buck or two thrown into it would be very encouraging.

If you're broke like me, and can't even afford a dollar, that's fine too; I'm an expert at being broke myself. :) I wouldn't mind a kind word dropped my way - that's just as valuable. And if you don't like it, send me an e-mail saying so, and forget the money.

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