3 5 Let it go
ss Show me the numbers! Zero Gravity
mixing mercury shifting dimensions origin
Metrix Liberation Front Infinite Space Mists of mine

Mixed Media
48" x 36"

Currently, the use of numbers predominates my works as they sweep across the landscape of my real and imagery space.    To me, numbers represent the universal order of nature and the higher mind.  Numbers don't require any translation.   The language of numbers is universal regardless of it's cultural context.   It is the language of nature as seen in the Fibonacci sequence;  the language of art and science, mathematics and technology.  Color which is an essential part of most painting can be digitized with it's unique number identifier.  Financial and emotional decisions are often made based on numbers.  Numbers:  ubiquitous, relevant and encompass our everyday lives. 

Jean Lee

Images shown represents a cross section of my work
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