Ann-Lise Norman

7315 37th Avenue N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T3B 1W7



        As a child growing up on a ranch on the outskirts of Calgary in the early 1960’s and immersed in the spectacle of the changing Alberta landscape framed by the mountains, I gained a strong connection to the land. An interest in exploring the colour, texture and the visual movement of the shapes in the land as the shadows and shades shifted was fostered early. Numerous visits to art exhibitions as a child and connections to Alberta artists, particularly my mother, (Elizabeth) Rosalyn Haynes-Norman, as well as the influence of Stan Perrot, and Rick de Grande Maison, Jr., were formative. Undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary in the late 1980’s included a drawing class with Harry Kiyuka. Weekends were spent painting in the foothills with Lise Caruthers, now an Ontario artist. In the late 1990's Lise Carruthers joined me on a horseback riding/painting trip where we painted intensively for four days. The experience led to an epiphany with respect to painting: akin to a tap being turned on that just keeps going. I primarily paint plein air in acrylic or oil on canvas or board.
The landscapes of southern Alberta are a major interest – its undisturbed vistas and balsam poplar shadows draw me in. The interplay between the perciever and the percieved, the relation of the shapes and colours framed by big sky and the motion of the shapes across the land fuel my work. I have participated in several shows. An early piece, View East from Mount Bacchus, was shown at the A.C. Leighton Centre in the sales room. Since then, my work has been exhibited as part of a juried show at the Lebel Mansion in Pincher Creek “Rocky Mountain Revelations” along with artists Mike Judd and Sharon Johnson in May 2003. In 2006 two of my paintings were selected to be included in a juried exhibit “Textures on the Land” at the Crowsnest Pass Gallery in southern Alberta. Further exhibition included a series of paintings shown with "The Outsiders, Landscape Exhibition" in January 2010. A show of both my and my mother's work the Lebel Mansion in Pincher Creek "Two Generations" took place in September and October 2010.

aln on hill