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Presently the Public Works department has the responsibilities for the following service areas:
Road Maintenance & New Road Construction
Water Treatment & Distribution
Wastewater collection & Treatment (Public Systems)

Solid Waste Collection (Garbage)
Rural Water Delivery (Truck & Distribution systems)
The above listed services are porvided based upon a approved workplan which has been approved by the Blood Tribe Administration. Funding is received based on this workplan and Public Works follows a cashflow which indicates planned expenditures related to the workplan.

The department encourages the staff to pursue additional training in their areas of responsibilities. With the changes in technology, and updated methods of providing services. We feel this is an area where staff development is essential for positive growth econimically. New equipment is also a major priority for the Blood Tribe Public Works department to function regularly and effeciantly.


At times the Public Works department is called upon to handle work outside of the workplan. These projects are supplemented by Finance department to cover costs incurred.



We rely on the Blood Tribe Administration Finance Department to assist Public Works in respect to forwarding funds required to cover costs incurred. I feel confident in the accounting staff and there diligence in maintaining update records and administering requisitions and purchase orders. This allows for the proper financial information to be available and to avoid cost over-runs.

Blood Tribe Public Works
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