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  MINIMUM ORDER   4 lb combined with other components, or 8 lbs for powder only.  Max 24 lbs per individual,  pickup orders only at this time, or Freight Truck,  HAZMAT shipments.  We are expanding our Magazine and will stock more powder this fall, both for distribution, and retail sales.  Other Powders, Hodgdon, Alliant, Vihta-Vuori are available, some by special request for custom stock for dealers.  We're importing powder on a regular basis every couple of months, so if we're out of something, it's not long out before we can restock.  We are checking into Courier  Services, but there are restrictions for Gunpowder transportation. 

Accurate PowdersRAMSHOT Powders
                                                                                                                                          RAMSHOT Powders
SCROLL DOWN, to see load charts, PDF booklet load data, and Burn rate charts for these powders.

    Uses  Availability NOV01/08
         Price/4 lb tubs.
Suggested Retail Pricing/1lb lots      
Fast Pistol Powder/Shotgun powder,  Cowboy Action loads noted bellow Double Based Modified/flattened spherical powder, clean burn, fluffy, and non-position sensitive which makes it ideal for Cowboy Action
In stock 1 lb.

$88.00/4lb $27.99/12 oz
Ramshot ZIP
burns close to to W231 and 700X  (BELGIUM Made powder, Nato)  Double Based flattened spherical powder powder,9mm, ..38 spl., .40 S&W, 45 ACP                    (Bulk Density 780 Grams/litre)
In Stock 1 and 4 lb

High pressure Pistols, .38 super  and 9mm, .357 Sig, 10MM, Double Based, Flattened Spherical powder,   (800 Grams/litre)  Clean burning for indoor ranges
In Stock 1 and 4 lb

Double Based Spherical powder, meters well, and all around handgun powder, 9mm, .38 spl, .357 mag, .45 ACP,     (935 grams/litre density)  And the Casull, made in Belgium.
in stock, 1 lb

Double Based Spherical powder, High Velocities in Magnum Handgun, (940 grams/litre density)
nin stock 1 lb

Double Based Spherical Powder, high volume varmit powder, won't bridge going through small bottleneck cartridges.  (985 grams/litre density) in stock 1 lb

.223 & .308 powder, excellent  (BELGIUM made Nato powder)  Highest Velocities in heavy bullets, Double Based powder,  (985 grams/litre density)  Very popular, shooters ask for it by preference.
8 lb, 1 lb

Medium Rifle powder   (BELGIUM made)  .270-30-06 and (.22-250) (950 grams/litre density)
1 lb

Large Rifle      Not approved in Canada yet  Designed for WSSM cartridges, hope to have available soon             

Not approved in Canada yet

Over Bore Magnum Rifles Ultramag!   (BELGIUM made)  Very slow, like H1000, and RL25, High velolcity over Capacity Magnum powders, (Originally called Big Boy)  (985 grams/litre density)
1 lb & 8 lb

Accurate POWDERS

4 lb and 8 lb
Suggested Retail/lb
.Accurate NITRO 100
Very fast like BULLSEYE in stock

$22.00/ 12 oz
Accurate #2 improved
Fast burning similar to Titegroup 1 and 5 lb only  Excellent for HBWC match  bullets, clean. in stock

Accurate #5
Medium Pistol Powder  Made in Belgium
in stock 1lb

Accurate #7
Large Pistol in stock

Accurate #9 High pressure .38 super, (SAAMI) .44 and .357 Mag, 10 MM, High performace powder/pressures
in stock

 $180.00 $28.99/lb
Rifle Extruded powder in stock

Accurate 2230
Very accurate .223 rifle powder preferred by many Spherical Powder (BELGIUM made, Nato powder)  in stock 1 & 8lb

$180.00/8lb $28.99/lb
Accurate 2460
.223 heavy bullet and medium rifle powder Spherical Powder
in stock

Extruded Rifle powder 1 & 8 lb only
in stock

Accurate 2520
Spherical Rifle powder  1 and 8 lb only 
1 lb in stock


Extruded Rifle Powder   1 and 8 lb only


Spherical rifle powder medium rifle 1 and 8 lb only

Rifle powder, slower Medium rifle  Extruded
in stock


Extruded Slow Rifle powder, Medium rifle


Spherical slow rifle powder, Magnum powder



Other Powders
Currently available powders

Versatile pistol powder, ball/flake
in Stock

Fast full load pistol powders,  (not recomended for reduced loads)
in stock


Winchester WSF
High Velocity Low Pressure Powder for Medium Pistol  Winchester Super Field (.40 Major easy)


Large flake large pistol and shotgun powders
in Stock


Maximum load large capacity Magnum pistol powders, do not reduce loads
in Stock


Lil Gun
Extruded magnum rifle powder, standard for many years


$120.00/4 lb.

Discontinued powder, it's on our burn rate charts bellow, medium pistol powder, limited load data, there's got to be a few old timers out there looking for this for old loading manual data.
3 lb in stock

$60.00/3 lb.

Alliant, Vihta-Vuori, Winchester and Hodgdon powders available by special order.  We have shipments arriving every 2 months, so stock is rotating regularly and available periodically.

More powders will be stocked in September, especially RIFLE powders for Hunting Season.

Calgary Shooting Centre stocks all the powders we have available and competitive prices!!!!

Powder Burn Rates
Ramshot Loading data 4.5 edition  2012 PDF file updated info
Accurate Powders Load data 3.5 Manual PDF file
Ramshot Cowboy Action Load data supplement

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