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JACKETED PISTOL BULLETS,  Pricing for Dec 2013

Pricing subject to changes without notice, due to fluctuation of US/CDN Dollar, Copper and Brass Strip, and Lead prices, and labour at our factory has increased as well as permit costs.  Copper and Lead are at record levels due to high demand, and low supply.  We regret having to increase the price, but raw product costs have gone up dramatically and cumulatively, therefore prices are adjusted accordingly.  

    NEW CANADIAN BDX BULLETS, Made here at our Alberta Factory.
New BDX .45 230 FMJ bullet9mm 124 FMJ Truncated Nose Bullet.45-230 FMJ Gold Leaf Bullet

We're tooling machines to make other new  FMJ and JSP bullets,

.224 - 52 JHP, knurlled
9mm 147 JSP
.38/357 - 146 grain JSP
9mm 124 JSP
.308?  maybe
9mm casings

.38 HBWC
.45 200 SWC-HP  .453 dia
.38 158 RNFP

<>OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer, 
FMJ = Full Metal Jacket,  
CMJ = Complete Metal jacket,  
JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point,
JSP (JFP) Jacketed Soft (flat) Point,

IFP = International Full Profile,  
FMJ-BT  (boat-tail) 
EMP Electroplated Metal Plating
                              CANADIAN BDX GOLD LEAF BULLET LINE

When ordering, email is the preferred method of contact, link bellow:

Alloy Jacketed Pistol Bullets
Product Number
___________________ /M = 1,000 parts /C = 500 parts  Mail Order Direct, M=1000
 Dec 2013
  Stock Status
Suggested Retail prices for Dealers M=1000
9mm .355 cal/dia
Bullet Specs:
9mm bullet Truncated nose
.3555 dia.
.575" long
.270" straights
123.8 grain weight
.017 jacket thickness _+ .0005" wall thickness
Soft Annealed Brass jacket
Swaged Alloy Cores
under 30 tons
Very accurate,
(SAAMI SPEC is .3552-.3555 dia for this item)

  True Jacketed bullets have many advantages over Plated bullets, and are what is used in most NEW Factory Ammunition.   Most plating is 1/4 the thickness of our Jackets, and well, perfomrance/accuracy, reliability, and safety is often limited.

BDX Bullet 9mm 124 FMJ Trunc124 FMJ BDX Bullet $99.00/M
minimum order 3,000 parts direct from our Factory.

BULK case, 3,000
Now in production, and being used in Combat Masters Ammunition and by IPSC shooters.  Available in our distributor/stores.

Bullet WEIGHTS are all within .1 grain, +-,  now only the best in the World can offer such quality control, and we do it right here.
(Comprable bullet in USA is $146.00)
9mm 124 JSP
.3555 dia.  Jacketed Softpoint Bullet, for Indoor ranges, and for IPSC shooting,  enclosed base,

Working on this, Summer 2012

9mm 147 JSP
.3555 dia, long straights, truncated nose,  sub-sonic for MP-5 Police applications, and training ammunition for Police duty pistols, and IPSC Production class ammunition for reduced  felt recoil.
New picture will be available soon, similar nose as Winchester, clost to Montana Gold nose, but with a JSP, enclosed base..
$105.00/M Building machine now,  December 2011 should have some ready.


38/.356 dia (38 super)
.38 Super bullet
124 FMJ Truncated nose 124 Super $100.00/M Available by special order, of 10,000 parts minimum,  VERY ACCURATE




.40 cal 180 FMJ
.4005 dia,  (SAMMI SPEC, .4002-.4005 many others are over, or under.
180 FMJ, Made by Canadian BDX,   Very accurate bullet, Shot by Mike Burell, last two years at IPSC Nationals, and he is Canadian Champ, many years running, including the past two years with BDX Bullets

current production stamped harder, and very tight, very accurate, and very consistent.
BDX bullet .40 180 FMJ
BDX bullet vs Montana Gold BulletOne bullet  is BDX bullet, one is a Montana Gold Bullet, can you tell which one is which?  We use same Jacket Alloy, and same bullet core alloy as Montana Gold, considered the benchmark for Tournament shooters today.  We learned a lot working with Montana, and thank them for their past support.

Min. order, case of 2250
Very tough Jacket, will not strip in rifling,.  Our jackets are 4 times thicker than most plated bullets.
Weights are +-.2 grains, Match quality
|$140.00/M (compbrable US bullet $178.00/M)

.40 cal. 180 JSP
180 JSP
Not available yet

C= 500


44 cal. 240 JSP


240 JSP    

 .44 240 JSP _ /C = 500 parts


Back in stock


_/C = 500 parts m

45/.451 cal/dia
230 FMJ (ball),
 Made in Alberta by us,
.451 Dia.
229 grain bullet
.017 dia Jacket
Swaged alloy cores,
made under 45 ton press, very nice bullet
Gold leaf design on nose
+- .4 grain, Match grade product.  Semi HB design
.45 Gold Leaf Match grade bullet

In full production, now available and some stores are stocking this bullet. now with a SEMI-Hollow Base,  long jacket skirt, very VERRRRRRY accurate.
Discontinued at this time, sorry Machine is sold, not enough demand.




Email, phone or Fax for special quotes.  Dealers, Distributors, and Manufactures call for quote/special pricing and packaging.  We can do custom boxes, custom labels, and Bulk Drum pricing for Manufactures, as well as specialty bullets for MANUFACTURES ONLY (OEM) at reduced prices. 

Prices effective OCT 2011, and current availability.  Email is best way to contact us, as we're not always able to answer the phone.
cut and paste the email link, as it may not work, sorry about that.