- Show Reel Breakdown -


Rip In Time: Stampede pre-viz

Responsibilities: Keyframed all animation for triceratops and human characters in Motionbuilder.  Characters were rigged in Maya using the Face Machine and Setup Machine plug-ins. Meshes are stock models originated with MakeHuman, imported in Maya for retopology and mesh alterations, textures painted/edited in Photoshop. Previz cloth simulation was achieved by assigning bones to the shirt mesht and using relation constraints in Motionbuilder to simulate soft-body dinamycs in real time. Particle effects added in Motionbuilder.

Software: Maya, Motionbuilder, Photoshop


Academy Of Champions

Responsibilities: Produced keyframe animation for the main set of animations in Maya, which then were imported in Motionbuilder in order to create a number of variations by edits and blends in the Story tool. Also in Motionbuilder I quickly re-purposed the keyframed animations to suit the different character physiques (regular, brute, girlie, etc.)

Software: Maya, Motionbuilder

Supermario SSX

SSX On Tour: Supermario

Responsibilities: Created the concept idea for character's special move. Maya was used to keyframe the animation.

Software: Maya


Marvel Cinematics: Solara vs. Venom

Responsibilities: Hand keyed character animation, including facial animation, using Maya. Also, scene layout, camera setup done in Maya. In-game animatons were edited and keyframed in Motionbuilder.

Software: Maya, Motionbuilder

catwoman Catwoman Cinematics
Responsibilities: Responsible for keyframe animation and choreography of all characters in the cinematic scenes, including facial performance animation. Camera setup and animation. Setup of constraints for character interaction with objects.
Software: Maya

Skate 1 & 2 game feature pre-viz, cinematics and in-game animation

Responsibilities: Keyframed facial performance animation overlayed on edited motion capture for the cinematics. For the game features prototype sequence I staged the cameras using the Camera Switcher feature in Motionbuilder, and choreographed the character animation clips with the Story tool.

Software: Motionbuilder

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