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DRAGON HEARTS 2009 (up to September 5th)
From September 6th on, please use the new Dragon Hearts Website: http://www.dragonhearts.vancouver.bc.ca

About Us

Dragon Hearts Breaker 2009

Dragon Hearts Beat and Breaker 2009 - Courtesy of Edwin and Jojo

Dragon Hearts is a dragon boat racing club based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our teams include: Dragon Hearts Beat, Dragon Hearts Magnum, and Dragon Hearts Goju-Go.

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Upcoming Events (new)

1) New Dragon Hearts Dragon Boat Racing Club website continue to be updated. Please continue to check on it :) Eventually, we'll leave this old site behind and change to the new one.

2) September 18, 19, 20 / Fri Sat Sun- Kelowna Int'l DB Festival 2009
sign up for Tues & Thurs practice. NEED TO REconfirm with John

3) Wrap up dinner thingy November 21 or 22. Please RSVP, Hearts Beat! Other team will RSVP to their own captain. (planning in progress)

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  • sign up for practice
  • dress appropriately
  • show up

Mondays - Open practice
time: 6:15pm
No more Mondays
location: DZ

Tuesdays - DHBeat
time: 6:45pm
location: DZ (Dragon Zone)

Wednesdays - DHGoju-Go
time: 6:45pm
location: DZ

Thursdays - DHBeat
time: 6:45pm
location: DZ (Dragon Zone)

Fridays - DHBeat/Open
time: 6:45pm
(16 paddlers min)
location: DZ

For DHMagnum practice schedule, please check facebook group.

To reserve your seat, e-mail

*last updated: 07/12/09


May 9/09(Sat) May 24/09 (Sun)
FCRCC Regatta

May 23/09 (Sat)
FCW Women's Regatta

June 6&7 /09 (Sat & Sun)
Rio Tinto Alcan Regatta

June 20&21/09 (Sat & Sun)
Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

July 25/09 (Sat)
Harrison DragonFest

July 25-26/09 (Sat & Sun)
Greater Vernon Dragon Boat Festival

Aug 14-16/09 (Fri-Sun)
Victoria Dragon Boat Festival

TBA (cancelled)
Taiwanese Dragon Boat Festival

Sept 5/09 (Sat)
Last Gasp Regatta @ Dragon Zone

Sept 18, 19 & 20 (Sat & Sun)
Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival

If you have any questions, concerns, or you're interested in becoming a sponsor please e-mail us at 

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