Marjorie, John, and Queen of Hearts at the Women's Regatta 2010.

dragon hearts, John and Marjorie

Kudos to John Ko who supported us unconditionally in every way and a big thank you to Marjorie Wong who founded Dragon Hearts Beat.

John Ko is one of the co-founders of Dragon Hearts, established in 1995. Dragon Hearts have dedicated themselves to introduce people to the sport of dragon boat, train paddlers, provide logistic support, and manage teams. They are sponsor and manager of dragon boat teams, including Dragon Hearts Magnum, Dragon Hearts Beat, Dragon Hearts Go-ju Go and Dragon Hearts Breaker. Their goal is to encourage people of all ages, sexes, ethnic backgrounds, and sizes to participate. (You do not need to be tall and strong to join! We'll make you strong, but unfortunately, we can't make you taller.)

Marjorie Wong, former co-ordinator at the Chinese Community Policing Centre (CCPC), has been a passionate dragon boat supporter for many years. Marjorie had stopped dragonboating for a few years when she decided to organize something to strengthen the bonds between CCPC volunteers. Fortunately, she found John who was more than happy to support the idea of forming a new dragon boat team. Marjorie (Since 2009) paddles with DH Go-ju Go, and was general manager for the club up the end of 2010.

Putting a team together is not easy-- recruiting members, finding sponsors, finding a coach, scheduling practices, organizing luncheons and meetings, making hotel reservations when we go out of town, and all those hours that we don't see. Without Marjorie and John, we would still be sitting at home in front of the computer or TV! (Okay, we still do, but less.)

Thanks for helping us learn and grow.

Mich Soga, a passionate women of DH Go-ju Go, is the new general manager for the club effective 2011. With her new management style and enthusiastic attitude, the club will flourish like never before. Welcome on board, Mich!

last updated: 31-Jan-11