Play Aids


Rules Aids

ATS unofficial Play Aid 1 v TT 3.1 colorized by Todd Larsen with color added by Drew

ATS unofficial Play Aid 3 v3.08 colorized by Todd Larsen with color added by Drew

ATS Colored PA3 HE & Smoke variant v TT 3.1 by Todd Larsen

ATS Building, Emplacement & Terrain Charts v3.09 by Drew Dorman updated

ATS 3.09 Sequence of Play by Andrea Garello

ATS Fire vs Building Summary Chart by Chris Yates

ATS Indirect Fire, Rubbling & Smoke Play Aid by Todd Larsen

ATS PTO Play Aid by Todd Larsen

ATS Bunker Summary by Drew Dorman

ATS Banzai Attack Routine Play Aid by Gary Valenza

ATS Modified-Condensed Rulebook by Darren Hines & Todd Larsen


Berlin CG Play Aid by Michal Blazejczyk

ATS Turn Record Track Play Aid by Andrea Garello

ATS Roster Play Aid by Drew Dorman

ATS Glider Playaid by Andrea Garello

ATS Melee Playaid by Andrea Garello

ATS Platoon Chart Playaid by Andrea Garello

ATS Platoon Counters by Andrea Garello

ATS Appendix by Chuck Hamack


ATS Chronological Scenario Play List by Drew Dorman & George Anderson

ATS DYO Unit Purchase Points by Fernando Sola

ATS AAR assist Document by Dennis Beauchamp

ATS list of unofficial Scenarios by Paul Glowacki updated 12/14/06

ATS ASL Comparison by Brien Martin



ATS Markers

ATS Elite Tank Commander Marker

ATS Fired / Moved Combo Markers

ATS Fired / C Move Markers

AFV Markers - Jg Pz IV, JagdPanther V, JagdTiger VI, SturmTiger, Flak Pz IV 20

AVRE, Crocodile, Challenger, M4 105C, M20, Stug 33B, KV-2

Gun Markers - M1A1, Pak 43/41 H|AT, obr39 HAA, M1 HAA 90mm, obr38 HAA

ATS Location Control Markers

ATS BRT Marker Sheet

by Todd Larsen


ATS German & Soviet Fortified Markers

ATS Jammed MG Markers

ATS Flare Gammon Molotov Markers

ATS Misc. Markers 3

ATS Big Wreck Markers

by Andrea Garello


ATS Misc. Markers 2

ATS Rules Variant Markers

by Gary Valenza


ATS AFV Data Cards by Drew Dorman

Jg Pz IV

Flak Pz IV 20

Sturm Pz IV Brummbar
Armored Turret

Crocodile, AVRE, Challenger

JagdPanther V, JagdTiger VI, Stug 33B, SturmTiger

M36 Jackson, M4 105C, M20

BRT 8" Gun


ATS Overlays by Todd Larsen

ATS Overlays 1 O3, O4, WH1, W2, W3, W4, W5

ATS Overlays 2 OG534, WD547

ATS Overlays 3 OG498, OG522, C534

ATS Overlays 4 109

ATS Overlays 5 - ATS 1, ATS 2, ATS 3, ATS 8

ATS Overlays 6 - ATS 4, ATS 5, ATS 6, ATS 7

ATS Overlays 7 2MB, 2WB, 1MB, 1WB, MB2, WB2

ATS Overlays 8 O2, O5

ATS Overlays 9 538WD

ATS Overlays 10 RP1-5, B2

ATS Overlays 11 - ATS 9