Links for some SPQR Files


SPQR Condensed Rulebook

SPQR Shock Combat Charts

SPQR Leader Charts


Here are a few files I have put together for SPQR. The condensed rule book has been updated for edits and corrections as per a few helpful emails. As well, I am attaching two re organized charts. One has all 3 Shock tables and the other is a re grouping of the leadership charts. I put these together because I found it a bit cumbersome to have to flip between 2 11x17 double sided folders. With these charts and by separating the 11x17 originals into 2 8.5x11s you can now have 3 separate double sided 8.5x11 charts. Plus no flipping for Shock resolution. Anyway, I find these useful and thought other new players to the system would as well.