Revolving Door

AOTT1 Pay Back

AOTT2 Immoveable Object

AOTT3 Montelimar

AOTT4 Last Hope at Marinovka by Fernando Sola

AOTT5 Get Ready Scenario for Darkest December

AOTT6 Breaking the Ring Scenario for Stalingrad DTW

AOTT7 Red Beach Scenario for BRT

AOTT8 Counterstroke at Stonne Scenario for Stonne Heights by Fernando Sola

AOTT9 Unleash the Ferdinands Scenario for Ponyri by Fernando Sola

ATS Tobruk A1 Lightfooted Scenario for Tobruk - by Kurt Martin

Zhukov's First Victory ATS Scenario - by Gary Valenza


VATS extentions, save to your vats20_ext folder

VATS ext for AOTT new units includes new units for AOTT scenarios

ATS Scenario conversions

These scenarios are converted for playing ATS from Squad Leader, Cross of Iron, Crescendo of Doom, GI Anvil of Victory and Advanced Squad Leader. Players will require the original ASL boards and modules for play. Boards and modules can be purchased at . The original scenario designers are noted when possible.


None of the material presented here is intended to challenge the copyright of the respective owners i.e. ATS-Critical Hit, ASL-Hasbro/MMP.

All scenario conversions by Todd Larsen, unless noted. Scenarios donated for conversion are noted by contributor. Conversion Guidelines


Quite a few questions on terrain and dates. Please note the following should be applied to all conversions.

- European scenarios, crops hexes are considered open ground in scenarios dated from October to May inclusive or as per SSR. Harvested Crop rules apply during April and May.

- From November to March inclusive Orchards are not in season and are obscuring only, they do not create blind hexes.


ATS SL 1 The Guards Counterattack

ATS SL 2 The Tractor Works

ATS SL 5 Hill 621

ATS SL 7 Bucholz Station

ATS SL 8 The Bitche Salient

ATS SL 12 The Road to Wiltz

ATS COI 13 The Capture of Balta

ATS COI 14 The Paw of The Tiger

ATS COI 15 Hubes Pocket

ATS COI 16 Sowchos 79

ATS COI 20 Breakout from Borisov

ATS COD 27 The Dinant Bridgehead

ATS COI 109 Counterattack on the V

ATS COI 110 The Agony of Doom

ATS TS4 Soldiers of Destruction

ATS GI 36 Weissenhof Crossroads

ATS GI 38 The Factory

ATS GI 41 Swatting at Tigers

ATS GI 43 Action at Kommerscheidt

ATS GI 300 Trial By Combat

ATS GI 308 Han-Sur-Neid

ATS GI 91 Assault at Wadelincourt

ATS GI 92 Patton's End Run

ATS GI 93 Cassino Station

ATS GI 94 Hill 112

ATS GI 97 The Breaking Wave

ATS GI 99 Cooperative Venture

ATS T1 Gavin Take

ATS T3 Ranger Stronghold

ATS Kor1 There Will Be No More

ATS Kor2 Tac50 Task Force Smith

ATS Kor3 First to See Will


ATS Tac4 "I Remember"

ATS Tac6 Counterattack at Villers-B

ATS Tac7 Trap in Carpiquet

ATS Tac18 May Day!

ATS Tac19 Christmas Fields

ATS Tac20 Sad Baptism

ATS Tac37 Hot Chestnuts!

ATS Tac49 Big Cats at Bay


ATS SK1 Retaking Vierville

ATS AL01 It's Hardly Fair

made possible by Hans Korting



- Converted by Fernando Sola




Para Battlefield Walkaround

by Gary Valenza

ATS Para 11-18

made possible by Devin Heinle


The following scenarios

- Converted by Ian Sutherland

ATS A032 Zon with the Wind

ATS NQNG1 Fuehrerbefehl

ATS NQNG2 Precious Price of Time

ATS NQNG3 Bear Hunt

ATS NQNG4 Noble Craft of Warfare




ATS A25 Cold Crocodiles

ATS AP31 First Cristot

ATS AP32 Second Crack at Caumont

ATS AP33 Second Cristot

ATS AP35 A Lesson for Lehr

ATS AP37 Apples to Apples

ATS AP39 Old Hickory

ATS AP41 The Meatgrinder

ATS AP42 Frontiers and Pioneers

ATS AP44 The Burial Mound

ATS AP47 Insult to Injury

ATS AP48 Up Inferno Hill

ATS AP50 Panzergeist

ATS AP51 Something to Prove

ATS AP52 Into Vienna Woods

ATS AP57 Kleckerweise

ATS AP58 Sat Sri Akal

ATS AP59 Taking Heads

ATS AP60 Nishne Nyet

ATS AP61 Desobry Defiant

ATS AP62 Shouting into the Storm

ATS AP63 The Nutcracker

ATS AP66 Cats Cradle

ATS AP69 Uncommon Misery

ATS AP70 Sons of Slava

ATS AP71 Head in the Noose

ATS AP72 Guns for St Barbara

ATS B1 Fighting Withdrawal

ATS B8 The Fugitives

ATS B10 The Citadel

ATS Bdf4 Brief Breakfast

ATS Bdf9 Across the Aisne

ATS CH165 Russian Riposte

ATS FKAC101 The Gauntlet

ATS G25 The T Patchers

ATS G33 Awakening of Spring

ATS G42 The Youths First Blood

ATS IC1 The Road to St. Lo

ATS IC8 Celles Melee

ATS J61 In the Bag

ATS J106 Marders not Martyrs

ATS MLR1 Hana Saku

ATS NFNH5 Foret de Nieppe

ATS NQNG6 One Eye to the West

ATS OAF4 Firefight B4 Breakfast

ATS OAF65 Attempt Relieve Peiper

ATS OAF 351 Russia 1941

ATS SP80 Die Gurkha Die

ATS SP95 Burn Gurkha Burn

ATS SX5 Where Iron Crosses Grow

ATS TOT7 Tiger 222

ATS UG6 One Step Forward

ATS UG10 Twilights Last Gleaming

ATS UG21 The Witch's Cauldron

ATS VV16 Mala Zemlya

ATS VV19 Surgis de l'enfer!

ATS WAM6 Private Venture

ATS WO1 French Toast

ATS WO2 Failure to Communicate

ATS WO3 Counterattack at Carentan

ATS WO4 I dont like Retreating

ATS WO5 Astride Hell's Highway

ATS WO6 The Heat is On

ATS WO7 Hell for the Holidays

ATS WO8 Silent Night

ATS Y21 Among the Ruins

ATS Y23 Under the Noel Trees

ATS Y24 The Mad Minute

ATS Z24 Men of Stone

ATS AN55 Roadblock at Stoumont













Valor of the Guards

VOTG Battlefield Walkaround

ATS VOTG1 The First Bid

ATS VOTG2 Russa! Drown in the Wolga

ATS VOTG3 Khopka's Crossing

ATS VOTG4 The Last Fifteen

ATS VOTG5 The Specialist's House

ATS VOTG6 Enter Dragan

ATS VOTG7 Storming the Station

ATS VOTG8 Hammer and Nail

ATS VOTG9 Eviction Notice

ATS VOTG10 The Darkest Day

ATS VOTG11 Dangerous Possibility

ATS VOTG12 Siberian Shockwave

ATS VOTG13 Escape From Kom Park

ATS VOTG14 Pavlov's House

ATS VOTG15 Perfected in Battle

ATS VOTG16 Under Murderous Fire

ATS VOTG17 On The Verge of Extinction

ATS VOTG18 In Sight of the Volga

VOTG DB 54,55 & 56
converted by Dan Smith

ATS DB54 Soldiers of the 62nd

ATS DB55 Sturmgeschutz Forward

ATS DB56 Breakout from Stalingrad-1

Blood Reef Tarawa

BRT Battlefield Walkaround

BRT Terrain Effects Chart

BRT 1 The Hawk

BRT 2 China Girl

BRT 3 Ryan's Orphans

BRT 4 Rickusentai

BRT 5 Hell Wouldn't Have it

BRT 6 A Legend is Born

BRT 7 Didn't Have to Be There

ATS Tarawa page 8


Operation Merkur

OM Battlefield Walkaround

ATS OM1 Morning's Peril

ATS OM2 Glide Path to Hell

ATS OM3 Hill 107

ATS OM4 The Umbrella Men

ATS OM5 Stentzler

ATS OM6 Waltzing the Matildas

ATS OM7 Too Little Too Light


Into the Rubble

ITR Battlefield Walkaround

ATS ITR3 Tough as Nails

ATS ITR4 Clash at Ponryi

ATS ITR5 Fire Teams

ATS ITR6 The Ceramic Factory

ATS ITR8 Beyond the Slaughterhouse



- Converted by Greg Zachok

ATS LN2-1 Airfield Fracas

ATS LN2-2 Hellzapoppin Ridge

ATS LN2-3 We Hold Here!

ATS LN2-4 Suicide Creek





Deluxe Maps
SOF Battlefield Walkaround
ATS SOF1 Guryev's Headquarters

ATS SOF2 Berserk

ATS SOF3 Storming the Factory

ATS SOF4 First to Strike

ATS SOF5 Little Stalingrad

ATS SOF6 Draconian Measures

ATS SOF7 With Flame and Shell

ATS SOF8 The School House

ATS SOF9 Preparing the Way

ATS SOF10 The Final Battle

ATS A To the Last Man

ATS B The Kiwis Attack

ATS C Back to School

ATS D Into the Cauldron

ATS E Slam Dance

ATS F Breakout

ATS G Intimate War

ATS H The Royal Marines

ATS I Mayhem In Manila

ATS J Cry of the Valkyries

ATS K The Mailed Fist

ATS L Brave Little Emchas

ATS M Streets of Carpiquet

ATS N Himmlers House

ATS O Cornered Tigers

ATS P A Bush Across The Street



ATS HH2 The Good Shepherd

converted by Gary Valenza


Red Barricades

RB Battlefield Walkaround

ATS RB 1 One Down, Two to go

ATS RB 2 Blood & Guts

ATS RB 3 Bread Factory #2

ATS RB 4 To the Rescue

ATS RB 5 Last Bid

ATS RB 6 Turned Away

ATS RB 7 The Red House

ATS RB A1 Fire on the Volga

ATS RB A2 The Commissar's House

ATS RB A3 Ghosts in the Rubble

ATS RB A4 No Farther

ATS RB A5 Oh Joy!

ATS RB A6 Vulcan's Forge


Pegasus Bridge

PB Battlefield Walkaround

ATS PB1 Ham and Bloody Jam

ATS PB2 Howard's Men

ATS PB3 Piecemeal

ATS PB4 Killian's Red

ATS PB5 Taylor Made Defence

ATS PB6 It's About Time

ATS PB A1 Lovat First Sight

ATS PB A2 Its About Time variant



Red Shield Clash Along the Psel CG

- Created by Fernando Sola

Red Shield - Clash Along the Psel CG


Onslaught to Orsha

- Converted by Fernando Sola

OtO Battlefield Walkaround

OtO Data Cards & Counters

ATS OtO Campaign Game









ATS OtO 1 Funnel of Death

ATS OtO 2 Bunker Burning

ATS OtO 3 Fire From the Hole

ATS OtO 4 The Orsha Plain

ATS OtO 5 Another Bloody Morning

ATS OtO 6 Sparkplug

ATS OtO 7 Falling Like Dominos

ATS OtO 8 Tooth and Nail


Arnhem Defiant Stand


made possible by Andrea Garello

ATS J58 No. 8 Platoon Overrun



unofficial DTW BW by Andrea Garello

ATS FE131 Take That Damn Factory


Kampfgruppe Peiper I & II

KGP Battlefield Walkaround

ATS KP1 Shadows of Death

ATS KP2 Festung St Edouard

ATS KP3 Panthers in the Mist

ATS KP4 Chappelle St Anne

ATS KP5 Marechall's Mill

ATS KP6 Probing the Villas

ATS KP7 The Bridge at Cheneux

ATS KP8 Les Montis

ATS KP9 Carnage in the Night

ATS KP10 Peiper's Last Gasp

ATS KP11 Beast at Bay

ATS AN54 Devils in the Graveyard

ATS AN59 Misty Morning

ATS TOT4 Stoumont The Break In

ATS TOT5 Retrograde out of Stoumont

ATS TOT6 Bastard Tanks Shootin Fools

ATS KGP Gotter





ATS Stoumont CG

- converted by Todd Larsen


ATS Carnage at Cheneux CG

- converted by Todd Larsen and Pedro Ramis


LNL stuff

LNL Boards 13-18

LNL Terrain Aid