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New turbocharger to downpipe gaskets for 1980 and 1981 Turbo engines.

Made from steel and graphite for a tight seal.

$16.99 each.

New exhaust crossover gasket for 1980 Turbo engines only, will not fit the 1981 manifolds due to a difference in size.

$14.99 each.

New high boost light switch. Comes on at 5.5 - 6.0 PSI just like the original.

A functionally correct, cosmetically correct replacement for your worn-out, faulty or broken original.

Fits 1980 and 1981 cars with boost light system.

$54.99 each.

New low boost light switch.

This unit is cosmetically correct only.

We are having a very hard time getting the tolerances low enough to work at the same pressures as the original. As a result, this switch turns on at 5.5 - 6.0 PSI. This is the same setting as the high light so both of your lights will come on at the same time.

$14.99 each.

Fel-Pro has discontinued the ES72537 turbocharger mounting gasket set.

The 301 Store now has this set in reproduction using only the best quality materials.

This gasket set is machine cut. No more poor fitting, leaky, hand-made gaskets!

Made from heavy duty materials rated to 1200 degrees.

Should be able to handle any amount of boost you can throw at it.

If you ordered the engine gasket kit, it came with everything except this gasket set. If you ordered the turbocharger gasket kit, it came with everything except this gasket set.

Kit comes with one each of the following:

Turbo to manifold gasket

Turbo to plenum gasket

EGR valve vasket

Turbo oil drain gasket.

Only $30.00 for the kit.

Brand new thermostat for the 301T engine.

Using a conventional thermostat in your Turbo motor will result in hot coolant being sent to the carburetor plenum all the time. This causes increased intake temperatures and loss of power.

This thermostat is a perfect replacement for your original and is designed to shut down coolant flow to the carburetor plenum once the engine has reached operating temperature.

Available in original 195 degree setting or a reduced 180 degree setting for increased performance.

Only $17.99 each!

Temp rating:

Set of three brand new turbocharger outlet flange springs and bolts.

Replace your rusty, rounded or missing hardware.

OEM correct, perfect for that detailed restoration.

$29.99 per set.

High quality oil filter for your 265, 301 and 301T engine.

I searched high and low for a good quality filter before I found these.

I've had problems with the cheapo "orange" brand filters on the market nowadays.

The cheap filters have cardboard filter endcaps, sheetmetal springs and plastic anti-drainback valves. They bypass more oil than they actually filter.

This filter has the best features available in an oil filter today:

Steel coil springs on the bypass valve.

Steel center tube.

Metal endcaps.

Silicone rubber anti-drainback valve.

Safety bypass valve. If the filter becomes blocked, it will bypass instead of bursting.

The anti-drainback valve is necessary on turbocharged engines to prevent dry turbocharger bearings on startup. It will also prevent startup lifter noise and dry starts on naturally aspirated engines.

Take good care of your engine for only $12.99

Manifold stud kit.

These high-quality manifold studs and nuts are made to replace the often-broken factory studs on the outlet side of your exhaust manifolds.

The studs are zinc-plated steel and the nuts are brass to ensure that the studs and nuts will not fuse together from the heat of the exhaust system.

Just $7.00 for the kit.

Replacement kickdown cable end.

The TH-350 kickdown cable for the turbocharged cars is longer than a standard TH-350 kickdown cable and is no longer available.

If the end of the cable that attaches to the carburetor is old and brittle like mine was you might be in a bit of trouble when it breaks off and you need to find a replacement cable.

Replacing the cable means dropping the transmission pan. This is an ugly and dirty job that no-one wants to deal with and now, you don't have to!

Simply slip the end of the cable, minus the damaged plastic cable end through the groove in the replacement piece. Clip the new cable end over the carburetor linkage stud and you're finished.

All for only five dollars.

PCV valve for 301 Turbo engines.

This brand new PCV has the correct calibration for the Turbo 301 engines.

Often an incorrect N/A 301 PCV gets substituted for the correct PCV causing vaccuum leaks and a poor idle. Get the correct PCV from the 301 store for only $2.99

Color of the elbow may be different than shown.

301 and 265 N/A PCV

Fits 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1981 301 and 265 engines.

Wil not fit 301 Turbo engines.

Only $1.99 each!

Colour of elbow may be different than shown.


PCV valve grommet for all 265, 301 and 301 Turbo engines.

Exact replacement for the original, only $5.99


Breather tube grommet for all 265, 301 and 301T engines.

Exact replacement for the original, only $5.99


Oil drain tube grommet for 301 Turbo engines.

This is the grommet that fits in the valley pan and seals the turbo oil drain tube to the valley pan.

Exact replacement for the original, only $5.99

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