Gnome Celebrations

If you are aware of any special celebrations that you think Gnomes would celebrate in just let QueenGnome know and her scribes will add it to this celebration list! Special thanks to member, Daisy The Garden Gnome from South Carolina for initiating this list!

Remember, Gnomes are World-Wide and therefore you may find some celebrations listed here that are celebrations carried out by Gnomes from specific Countries.

January 1 New Year's Day or Family Twig Day
January 21 Winter Warming Celebrations - inspired by the Gnome Village of Rainbow's End and held each year at Egg Hill
January 25 Gnome Long Distance Whistling Contest
January 26 Gnomenclature Day
February 2 Groundhog Day (North American Celebration)
February 14 Valentine's Day also known as, "You're Gnomebody 'til YOU Love Somebody Day"
Mid March National Wildlife Week
March 17 Shamrock Day (St. Patrick's Day)
March 21 Spring Leaping Up Day
April 1 Gnome Sighting Day
April 8 Wool Sampling Week
April 22 Bird Day
May 1 National Gnome Chanting Day (Australia)
Early May Be Kind to Animals Week
May 5 Masshima Day - when gnomes help gardens to grow
May 10 Annual Gnome Council Meeting
June 1 Penguin Dusting Day (Australia)
June 5 Preservation of Good Animals Day
June 6 World Environment Day
June 12 Ladybug Day
June 21 Walnut Shell Boat Regatta (Summer/Winter Solstice)
July 13 Beware of Dreaded Trolls Day
July 17 Gnome Graduation Celebration - A time to celebrate brainy gnomes across the world who gain their doctorates in gnomology.
July 22 Gnome Otter-Back Races
July 26 Harmony Day also known as, "Take-a-gnome-to-lunch" Day
August 1 Gnome Children's Day also known as "Put a Little Gnome in your Life" Day
August 23 Gnome Bowling Championships
September 9 Gnome Vegetarian Day
September 19 Fourth or Final Annual Feast of Gnomancy (Australia)
September 23 Leaf-Waving Day
October 17 Ms Gnomer Universe Pageant
October 29 Porridge Day
October 31 Halloween or "Gnome Bones About It" Day
November 1 Nightlight Saving Time Day (date changes annually)
Early November Potato Blessing Day

The origins of this tradition remain a closely guarded secret. Some gnomes believe its purpose is to keep the eyes of potatoes closed, instead of sprouting. Others think it stems from the days when potatoes first were brought from America and that it was practised by the Painted gnomes of Virginia.

November 6 Election Day - Gnominate-a-Gnome

On this day every year ballots are delivered by the gnomes. It is their Election Day...on this day they elect a gnome to be keeper of the Secret Book. Thanks to Haley for this revolution!

December 1 Gnomes, Shake-Your-Head Day
December 1 Gnomers' Day - (to honor human gnome collectors)
December 22 Annual Grog Celebrations
December 25 Christmas
10 days after the third quarter day in each year Hopping Mouse Branding Day (Australia) I am not sure what day this would be if anyone can tell me please do!
4 times a year - secret dates Feasts of Gnomancy (Australia)