Copying The Four Booklets
 I have converted my booklets to HTML files,  as they appear on this site,
and I have also converted them to PDF files so they should be available to all.

NOTE: The page numbers you see refer to the copies available through the mail, but they may not apply to pages printed from your browser.

You can highlight and copy any or all of what you see, and move it to your word processor program,
but what you see then will be a simple text version. All cues such as bold print and underlining will be lost.

You may save each section as a browser page.   If you do, you should have a choice of saving it as 'text', or as 'source'.
Saving as 'text' will loose a lot, but you could put it back yourself.  Saving as 'source' means you can use your browser, off line, to open and
view the pages in their original form.  This way you can simply read them on your screen and/or print the pages later.

If you don't have a printer, you could save the pages as 'source' file to a disk and move it to a computer that does,
providing it has a browser program that can read the file.

If you want to refer to these directions you can print this page, or,  by holding down your mouse key on a link that leads to this page
you can get a choice (Netscape), to open a new window with this page.  This way you can have this page open as well as another.

 Note: Part 5 of Simple Math, 5A of Not So Simple Math, and 5 of Not Just Math lead to separate pages.
Those marked 'GIF' are images and can be saved as 'source' or 'text'.  Those marked HTML can only be reproduced as seen here if saved as 'source' files.
The booklets are presented here in sections of roughly equal length to provide quick loading times and to make it easier to copy what you want.

 The 'Start' section of Gordon's Games contains information needed for the other games. Certain games for the youngest children
are used to explain rules referred to later. Their names are underlined. Be sure to read them if you only want the games for older children.


PDF files end in .pdf.  They are meant to be read by a special free program, ADOBE READER,
but my MAC has a PREVIEW program which also reads them.  The Adobe program is much easier to use.
Simply click on a .pdf  file you find on a web page and it should download to your computer.
The .pdf reader program should activate automatically. 
When it has, the pages should be shown and you should have the ability to save the file to disk, or print it.

 Copying these booklets from this site is free for individuals, but there are conditions:

1. Please put my name as author on at least one page of any copies made.

2. If you would like to distribute copies to a large number  of people (more than 5) please contact me.
I just want to make sure this doesn't become commercial.

***Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.
Your email address will not be given to others.

NEW ADDRESS AS OF NOV. 15, 2000 : 15057 27A Ave., Surrey, B.C., Canada, V4P 1P1

Send email to but put  right in front of it.

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