A Brief Description of the Booklets:

Gordon's Games, 24 pages, has over 25 simple arithmetic games (math games)
and variations, made up by the author over a number of years in teaching young children.

They can put fun and intensity into practising arithmetic basic skills.

The games deal with number recognition, order, comparison of value, place value,
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, multiples, factors,
and even fractions and decimals if you want to carry them that far.

There are games that cover the basic skills for each of the grades from K-3, ages 5-8.
Most games can be used at home, and played in any language.

As well there are suggestions for similar games using number, letter, and word cards.
Alphabetical order, phonics, and other reading skills can be practised.

There is also an enjoyable spelling game, and an arithmetic game the whole class

can play together with the teacher leading.


Simple Math , 42 pages, is about an easier way to teach , and learn

early addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division,
along with other ideas.

These four number operations grow out of the qualities particular numbers have
and the way all numbers relate to each other.

Besides simplifying the learning of basic facts,

I believe this method relates well to the basics of algebra.

For example:
5 contains a set of 2 things and a set of 3, so we can add 2 and 3 or 3 and 2 to recreate 5,

and we can take either of 2 or 3 out of 5 and be left with the other.

Children can learn that 2, 3, and 5 are bound together in addition and subtraction situations.

They can learn how to form number sentences out of this one simple fact.

The emphasis is placed on knowing 5 is made of 2 and 3,

rather than the memorization of

2+3=5,  3+2=5,  5-2=3,  5-3=2.

Multiplication and division are learned in the same efficient manner.

There are five fact sheets, three number charts and one flexible worksheet for photocopying.

Not So Simple Math, 43 pages, is about understanding and teaching

two figure addition and subtraction,

and other topics such as large numbers, problems, and fractions.

It ends with a useful table showing many of the different situations young children have to deal with

when first faced with the full range two figure addition and subtraction questions.

Not Just Math, 27 pages, contains more math ideas such as drills and practise tests,

as well as language related topics, including story writing, and some science and map related ideas.

There are 6 pages of drill tests, 3 tests per page, and one map for photocopying.

A D D T O G O R D 0 N 'S G A M E S NEW!  More Math Games and Activities:
These few pages contain mostly untested games
and activities that I may be adding to. 

NEW!  Using Regular Playing Cards with Gordon's Games.
Some have asked about this so I have listed some changes that would be needed.

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