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The following sites will be checked yearly to see that they work and
they have not become too commercial

Google allows me to check which sites are linked to mine and I have looked at most of these.
 I've also used search engines to find other primary math sites. 
MOST of the sites I discovered simply listed other sites.  Some simply copied others as they had identical errors.

On this page I've tried to list only those websites I believe have something of value to offer beyond lists of lists.
Some of these may be moved from my original links page. 
Note that some commercial sites still have pages with free material that may be of value.
The only order you see merely reflects my bookmark page.  You'll have to judge their worth to you.

If you find or have a website or webpage like mine, which offers more about primary math than lists of sites
 and is not too commercial, please email me with the details.

*Visual Math Learning**
    A very good site for learning about math topics for yourself, or children, K - 12 .   Offers children to adults opportunities to learn and practice a wide range of topics in a visual way.  Go to the Introduction first and take the time to learn how to operate the pages.  Contact the author if you find any errors.
Aplusmath: Flashcards
online  flashcards, games, worksheets
SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
large variety of subjects for the primary grades
dansmath - lessons page - basic skills
Here's a reference page for adults.  Contains definitions and examples for a lot of simple arithmetic topics.     Help with intermediate math too.
Math Games
As it says, a site with many online games for children.
Free Math Worksheets from the Kid's Page Archive
99 Free printable math worksheets for preschool through 5th grade,  and much more.
Skill in Arithmetic, Table of contents - -- A complete course in arithmetic
Teaches parents and teachers as well as provides a unique way of practising for children.
Math Exercises for Kids
Children (6-11) can choose from ten levels and different kind of exercises : additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, problems, numbers and measuring exercises...  Has links to other subject areas.
Math Lessons - Tutors
A growing site listing math tutors for many cities.  Your city may be one.
Have a look too if you are a tutor.  You can arrange to advertise on line.

Free Animated Math Games
Free to use animated Math games for Kids’, and much more, a lot to do with language.

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