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mathilde.jpg (5680 bytes) I am a 'Certified Travel Consultant' with experience in both Corporate & Leisure Travel.   I have been working in the Travel Industry for over 30 years, and in Calgary since 1984.  Personally I've travelled Canada coast to coast and abroad to Asia (including China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia), Mexico, Costa Rica, many Islands in the Caribbean, Peru, Venezuela, Europe (including England, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece), Morocco, Egypt, Israel,  Australia, Tahiti, South Africa, Botswana and most recently Tanzania.

Also I have experienced 12 different cruises covering the Caribbean, Mexican Riveria, Central America, Alaska, Asia, Greek Islands, Nile Cruise, the Waterways of Germany, and Tahiti. 

Travel is in my blood, but I also enjoy seeing other people travel the globe and personally experience the many cultures, history and adventures awaiting them.


Without a Travel Agent you’re on your own.

The past few years have been a turbulent time in the travel industry.  This has impacted the travel business, including the way agencies have been compensated.  In mid-March 2002 Delta Airlines decided to eliminate altogether payment of commissions effective immediately to travel agencies.  This was followed by six of the seven major airlines in the United States within the following week.   Air Canada also joined the ranks effective April 22, 2002.   It is no secret that most airlines are in financial dire straits and are looking to cut costs.   Airlines had begun aggressively cutting travel agency commissions since 1996.  Due to these fundamental changes that have taken place, and a zero airline commissions payable to travel agents, we have been forced to again re-evaluate our position in the marketplace and at our operating costs.

 With this turn of events I believe this proves my position in this marketplace, that my allegiance is to you, my valued clients, not the airlines.  I work for you, not the suppliers.   I trust that you will understand the reasoning for my fees, so to allow me to continue providing you with the choices you deserve.   As you are aware I investigate and compare products for best rates, services, schedules, reliability and reputation.  I will continue to provide my professional knowledge on carriers, suppliers, security issues, required documentation and information on destinations, to make your travel plans operate as smoothly as possible, and you receive value for your hard earned money.  

The Internet is a useful tool to some one who has the time and energy to search through the many options. But to understand the fine print, and cope with problems arising (i.e.: airline flight changes, airline strikes, airport closures, and failures of airlines, to name a few) when dealing with a machine, may not be in your best interest.  Also, not to forget that the Internet does not always offer the best rate.

My transaction/service fees are as follows (GST additional):

Airline Tickets North America
(non-supporting airlines)
$50.00 per person ($100.00/family)
Airline Tickets International
(non-supporting airlines)
$75.00 per person ($200.00/family)

Airline Tickets
(supporting airlines i.e. WestJet,
Air North, Charter flights)  

$25.00 per person ($ 50.00/family)

Consolidator Tickets   $25.00 per person ($ 50.00/family)
Tour Packages    $25.00 per person ($ 50.00/family)
Frequent Flyer Reservations $75.00 per person ($150.00/family)
Cancellation (Refunds)/ Exchanges/Changes $35.00 per person
Car Rentals/Hotels without airline reservations     $20.00

no additional fee

Intent to Book Deposit $100.00

I remain a ‘one stop’ shopping process.  I will continue to offer airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, tour packages, cruises, travel insurance and travel advice.  My knowledge I have gained with over 27 years in the travel industry.  I look forward to our continued relationship in this changing environment.

Thank you again for your support.


Mathilde VanLeeuwen, CTC
Professional Corporate & Leisure Travel Consultant

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Mathilde VanLeeuwen, CTC
Professional Corporate & Leisure Travel Consultant
(403) 252-6712 (403) 258-2017 Fax 

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