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From the people, festive celebrations, and fabulous food, to heritage sites and spectacular landscapes, find out why you should visit Asia

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Thailand is nestled between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, bordering Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. It is exotic yet accessible, with something for every visitor. Relax on white sand beaches, hike through vast areas of tropical forest, or live it up in the humming capital of Bangkok.

There is much for you to discover in Thailand. The country offers a huge range of new experiences in sights, sounds, tastes, and outlook. But different as it may be from your home, Thailand is probably the easiest exotic country for visitors. The people are friendly, leisure activities are well organized, the food is great and you receive excellent value for money.


BEIJING - China’s ancient capital (founded 1,000 BC) The legendary Forbidden City and the Summer Palace are two of its finest sights. Visit Tiananmen Square and the legendary Great Wall of China, one of the great wonders of the world.

SHANGHAI - Centre of the Southern Highlands region, Dalat is tranquil, cool and green. Its famous coffee shops are popular with visitors and locals alike. There’s a marvelous emperor’s palace and fascinating old French quarter.

XIAN - The start of the Silk Road and now famous for the Army of Terracotta Warriors. Excavations in 1974 unearthed thousands of lifelike soldiers guarding an emperor’s tomb. Banpo has a reconstructed Stone Age village. Qua Hing Hot Springs are renowned.

GUILIN - The incredible scenery here has inspired numerous poets and painters. A leisurely Li River cruise is a popular way to see its famous hills and valleys. Don’t miss Reed Flute Cave - its stalactites glow with colored lights

THE YANGTZE RIVER - More than 3,000 islands rising from clear emerald waters, many of them dotted with beaches and grottos carved by the wind and waves.


Hong Kong
Feel it! Enjoy it!
Hong Kong is simply dazzling. Experience the distinctive blend of East and West in this dynamic city. Feel the rush as you indulge in shopping. Savour culinary delicacies. Open your senses to Hong Kong's amazing skyline, bustling harbour and peaceful countryside. Come discover the diversity and sophistication that is Hong Kong. You'll love it!


Singapore is like nowhere else on earth. Famed as the "Lion City", Singapore lies at the focal point of age-old trading routes, where people of different cultures and traditions have come together for almost 200 years, creating both a multicultural and multifaceted destination. It is an inspiring city of contrasts, where the flavor and spirituality of the East meet the comfort, convenience, and efficiency of the West.

In fact, Singapore has often been described as a convenient yet vivid collage of what the region has to offer. Despite the western influences, you will realize that Singapore is still unmistakably Asian in its character



Just visiting Malaysia - seeing a few sights, meeting its people, and eating good food - is more than enough to make for an unforgettable trip. Your best memory might be a quiet day you spend wandering the colonial streets of Malacca, or breathing in the earthy air of a kampung. Usually, it will be the Malaysians themselves you remember most, their smiles and generosity. That said, Malaysia also offers some very special activities, and if you make room for one or two of them, they will enhance your trip immeasurably.



Indonesia's 17,508 tropical islands support a diverse, ethnic population and a rich, unspoiled culture. On the main island of Java, Jakarta, the capital, has beautiful Dutch and British colonial buildings and a recently restored ‘old quarter’. Bali is known world wide as ‘the Island of the Gods’, a place where art and ceremony are woven into every aspect of Balinese life. Komodo is a national park and home to the rare Komodo Dragon, the world’s largest monitor lizard.



Known world-wide as the Island of the Gods, Bali’s exotic and distinctive arts culture is unique. It seems every islander is an artist with free time spent painting, weaving, carving, or in music and dance. Beautiful bays, white sandy beaches, quiet palm groves, and spectacular mountain scenery truly make Bali a tropical paradise.


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