About us


Many people like the convenience of online lessons versus traditional, in-store learning.  Many people don’t live near a good teacher, while others hate to commute.  Scheduling an appropriate time with your teacher is much easier with online lessons, and the ability to record your lessons and share files appeals to many people.

How do we see each other online?

Green Studios uses 3rd party video conferencing software, such as Skype, to communicate.  If you prefer to use other software to connect our teachers will be happy to oblige.  Skype is recommended because of its easy, quick install, reliability, and its user-friendly interface.  Click here to download Skypehttp://www.skype.comshapeimage_2_link_0

Why lessons?

Can I take only one lesson every once and a while?

No problem, drop-ins are welcome!  If you are motivated and can practice on your own, or if you need just a few practice tips, drop-in lessons may be for you.  We have found, however, that many students will not be diligent in their practicing and require a weekly appointment to make sure that they improve.

What if I can’t make a Scheduled lesson?

Green Studios takes the environment seriously.  In addition to reducing pollution by offering online lessons in your home, we will also planning to use 10% of our profits to install solar panels for our studio.  Check out our Greenhouse page to see how we reuse grey water and utilize thermal mass.

Why the name, green studios?

Many people have trouble learning online from youtube.  Having your own teacher can help you learn faster and not waste time developing bad techniques.  In todays age of screens it is even more important to utilize a skill like music to add balance to life.

Green Studios has a 24 hour makeup policy for ALL of our teachers.  You can let us know via email or phone if you will not be able to attend your lesson, and a makeup will be provided at your teachers convenience.  Multiple missed lessons may result in a loss of your weekly time slot.  No notification 24 hours before scheduled time will result in you paying for your lesson.  Your teacher will be waiting for you, so if you are running late still video call them to use your remaining time.

What other services do you offer?

We offer many other services such as Group Lessons at Johnson Bentley Pool, Online lessons via skype,  Audio Recording, a Rock Band Program, Wedding packages, and Video Production. Please check our Other Services link to find out more!