We are happy that you are interested in helping out.  Mabuku Malawi will happily accept any donations of laptops, tablets, and ebook readers. No CD drive is fine, No battery is ok, even a cracked screen is alright.  But it must power on and must have a power adapter. We also accept other small computer gear such as usb mouse, headphones, external hard drives, RAM, and those wire locks that attach to every laptop, we need those especially.  You can send your old stuff to the following address in Canada:

Chris Dobbs

3331 Broadview Rd

West Kelowna, BC


    Other small computer components may also be accepted.  Contact us to see if we can use what you have. 

     Mabuku Malawi is also looking for a more cost efficient method of shipping.  If you can help us in this area please let us know!  Until then, we are accepting donations through Bitcoin/Socialcoin/Paypal to cover the costs associated with getting our laptops from Canada to Malawi.  Please contact us if you would like to help.

    Thanks for your help!

        Mabuku Malawi

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