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Timmins, Sherritt and Allied Families

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My interest in Gore Township stems from the fact that my great, great grandparents, Andrew TIMMINS (born c. 1801) and Rebecca SHERRITT (born c. 1806), both natives of Ireland, settled there in the 1820s. They were married on the 30th of June, 1829 at the Anglican Church in St. Andrews (now Saint-Andre-Est), Argenteuil County. They were originally adherants of the Anglican Church but subsequently became Wesleyan Methodists. Prior to 1842 Andrew and his family left Gore Township for the East Settlement of Argenteuil and about 1854 the family moved to Mountain Twp., Dundas Co., Ontario. Their children were:


During the early phases of my research I recorded information from church records and census returns on every person with the surname SHERRITT or TIMMINS. Two SHERRITT males, George and John, have since been identified as brothers of Rebecca. A widow, Rachel SHERRITT (maiden surname unknown), who lived with George in Gore Township, is believed to have been the mother of the four SHERRITTs. She died in 1859.

Frances (born c. 1798) who married Edward ARNOLD, remained in Co. Leitrim, Ireland and died there in 1857. Edward and Frances' ten children were: George (b. 1800) married Isabella ARNOTT, daughter of James ARNOTT and Flora HAMILTON, on 14 July 1837 at Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal. George died in Gore Twp. on 18 February 1885 and was buried in Holy Trinity (Anglican) Church cemetery at Lakefield. Their children were: John (born c. 1809) married Mary Ann ARMSTRONG on 26 December 1832 at the Anglican Church in St. Andrews. The family moved to Stanley Twp., Huron Co., Ontario prior to the 1842 census. John was buried on 21 June 1871 in Bayfield Public Cemetery, Stanley Twp, Huron Co.Their children were:


No definitive evidence has yet been found to identify the relationships between Andrew and eight other individuals surnamed TIMMINS. Some of these were almost certainly siblings while others may have been cousins.

Elizabeth (Betsy) married James EDGERTON on 27 March 1829 at the Anglican Church in St. Andrews. Their known children were Joseph (Eunice MEEKER), Margaret (Simon BOGART), Martha (Hugh COPELAND), Jane (Peter BOGART), James (Elizabeth FAULKNER) and John (Matilda FAULKNER). The Edgerton family moved to Winchester Twp., Dundas Co., Ontario sometime between 1843 and 1851. Elizabeth died 10 September 1887 and James died 27 March 1894, both in Winchester Twp.
Margaret married William CRAWFORD on 5 March 1832 at the Anglican Church in St. Andrews. Their known children were John, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, James, Andrew and Margaret Jane. The family moved to Mountain Twp., Dundas Co., Ontario before 1851.
Mary Ann married William BOYD on 22 January 1828 at the Anglican Church in St. Andrews. Their known child was Margaret. Possible children include Sarah, William, Andrew, Alexander and Rachel.
Sarah married William WRIGHT date and place unknown, but possibly in Ireland. Their known children were Eliza Jane, born 14 December 1825 and Sarah, born 7 December 1828. Does anyone have further information on this family?
Hugh married Mary Ann WARWICK on 26 December 1825 at the Presbyterian Church in St. Andrews. Their known children were Margaret, Mary Jane and Andrew. They lived in Chatham Twp.
John married Ann ?, place and date unknown. Their known children were James, Andrew, Margaret, Sarah Ann, Susan A., John B., William, and Eliza Broder. They moved to Mountain Twp., Dundas Co., Ontario between about 1845 and 1848. I have been unable to locate them after the 1861 census, but believe they may have moved to the Cleveland, Ohio area.
Daniel married Mary DELMORE on 24 January 1838 at the Presbyterian Church in Chatham. Their known children were Sarah (Isaiah MURPHY?), Daniel (Jane BONNER), Margaret and Jane. Daniel Sr. died 26 April 1871 in Gore Twp.
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