Lloyd Miller's R/C Cars page

My car:

You probably can't see it but it is a mixture of a Tamiya and a HPI for the main frame with some other aftermarket parts, particulary the spiffy gold anodized motor frame from Calandra. It has Futaba receiver and servo that came with the Magnum Jr radio transmitter. The ESC is a Novak Explorer Sport. The motor is a Yokomo 21 turn. The battry pack in the picture is a horrid Radio-Shack 1700mah pack that has since died on me. I'm not sure exactly what the body is since I got it with the car already painted.

Some of my accesories:

What you see here is: the Futaba Magnum Jr. radio transmitter with battery holder, The Tekin BC100L charger, the Orion Digital battery discharger and some Sanyo Battery packs (2 1700mah and a 1400mah)

My car in a race (May 1997, Airdrie, Alberta):

I am the one trailing. I am probably actually down a couple laps already at this point. The forground car is the Soon car (Roy or Steve driving, not sure).

The end of the race for my car:

I hit the boards once too often and the wheel broke.

The off-road guys starting a race:

I was just checking out the off road action this day (May 1997). I don't have an off road car (yet).

Some pics from the Lethbridge/Calgary/Edmonton Tri-City Challenge for 1998.

The concours lineup at Lethbridge."

The starting grid for the 1/12th scale showing some of the pits at the back.

Some of the pits for the Calgary event.

Some of the 1/12 scale cars on Calgary's track.

I didn't make it to the Edmonton leg of the series so no pics from there, sorry guys.

This is what my cars look like now. The F1 is still basicly the same. The other car is an Associated RC10L which I have started trying to work with this year.