A text to Postscript filter for PostScript only printers. Kind of like yet another a2ps or enscript. here

A simple sound mixer for Linux. Runs in text mode on console or xterm command lines or in scripts. here

A simple cross assembler for the TI 32020 DSP. here

A hex file editor. special features are insert/delete bytes and large file support (up to 2 gig anyway.) Current version only does ANSI terminals and terminal emulators like xterm and the Linux console. here

Here is my version of Conway's Life cellular automata for the X window system.

Try this little routine to figure out what currently open files are preventing a umount from proceding. (ie what is blocking the unmount command - mntblk - get it? ya, I know its a sad name.) For Linux of course.

a sudoku solver

a one-time-pad file encrypter for linux.