Russell Stagg MC RCC
Sexual abuse/assault counselling

Nanaimo, Ladysmith, & online

Whether you realize it or not, your victimization gave you devastating messages you tell yourself every time you feel worthless or damaged. Every time you struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, or PTSD. Every time you get victimized. My person-centred approach means I do my utmost to experience your situation as if it were my own, and reflect it back to you.

You may be surprised to find out you've been giving yourself toxic messages! "Im a victim, or I'm unlovable, or "it's hopeless." We'll use the techniques of cognitive-behavioural therapy to challenge and overcome those messages. (I don't do EMDR, and here's why.)

If you've been struggling with addiction, PTSD, or repeated bouts of depression, we'll use the techniques of mindfulness, a proven tool that can cut your chance of relapse in half.

At every step, I'll do my utmost to make you feel safe and supported.


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