Russell Stagg MC RCC
Trauma & PTSD therapy

Nanaimo, Ladysmith, or online

You've experienced trauma in your life, and things aren't getting better on their own. Perhaps you're dealing with conditions such as PTSD. Perhaps you're trying to cope using alcohol or drugs.

Please know that trauma is the focus of much of my practice and research. In dealing with trauma, I use the methods of cognitive behavioural therapy, which the US National Center for PTSD recognizes as most effective. I don't do EMDR, and here's why.

Please know, too, that I won't pressure you to revisit the past. The aim of therapy is to stop revisiting the past!

My approach
I use a person-centred approach, doing my utmost to experience your situation as if it were my own, and reflecting it back to you. I want you to feel safe and supported.

Techniques we'll use
You'll start to realize you've been giving yourself toxic messages like "I'm in danger," or "Im a victim, or "it was my fault." We'll use the techniques of cognitive-behavioural therapy to challenge and overcome those messages.

Essential tools
You'll also learn how to ground yourself, you'll learn relaxation methods, and you'll discover the healing benefits of mindfulness.


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