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Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination…

Are you living your dream life? If not, then what is stopping you? Money? The right job? The right mate? Your body image? Your health? Or are you just not sure what is holding you back from having the life you have only dreamed of?

Many people struggle through life feeling like they are “missing something”, which is always just out of reach. What causes this feeling and is there hope for those of us to really feel fulfilled and “on purpose” with our lives? It may be that you have “unfinished business” from unresolved family issues, possibly even from your childhood.

The fact is, the quality of your life has more to do with your beliefs and fears than what you have or don’t have. Many of us have “unfinished business” with family or childhood issues that are still hurtful for us when we think of them. Many of our ideas about life and other people are directly linked to experiences from childhood and many of these old patterns of thinking may have been useful for survival when we were children but now those same ideas and responses may not be serving us well as adults. For example, as a child, maybe your parents fought a lot and this was frightening for you. In response, when you heard them shouting, you became very withdrawn and retreated into your room, feeling that their argument was somehow your fault. This may have been the only way you could cope as a young child but now, as an adult, when conflict with another arises, the same feeling returns to you. You tell yourself, “It must be my fault” so you withdraw and shut down, maybe even leaving the room. One problem with this type of response to conflict is that it can make it difficult for those who love us to feel close to us, thus perhaps triggering” our loved ones to re experience their own childhood issue of abandonment or feeling unloved because of being“shut out” by withdrawal of our communication. It isn’t that we are “making them feel” the way they are feeling. No one “makes us feel” but we all have our habitual responses, including thoughts and feelings to words and actions that “trigger” us. These types of responses are so automatic and “unconscious” that they can form our whole “reality” and create life as we know it and consequently, issues stay unresolved and the emotional ruts get deeper.

So now what? Is it possible to break free from old patterns? Can we become conscious and live our lives “on purpose” instead of being at the mercy of circumstances? Let’s see what kind of Dream Life you can build!

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Steps to Building YOUR DREAM LIFE

Step #1 Find out why you are here! Get in touch with your BODY MIND AND SPIRIT. Get to know what’s deep in your heart. Meditation, yoga, qigong, artwork, playing music, running, cycling; any activity that you do “wholeheartedly” will open your heart and mind (body, mind and spirit are inseparable) and mind to what your purpose is on this earth. Even if this sounds very lofty and esoteric it is the key to the happiness and success of many famous people. Your purpose may not be obvious at first, in fact, many people give up and “settle for” a life that is “good enough” or “not that bad” when it can be YOUR DREAM LIFE. And your purpose can change too, in fact it must evolve, as you do. Purpose is not a static thing but searching for one’s purpose is the height of creativity and expansiveness. It is true connection to the universe!

Step #2 Write it down! Transferring your dreams to a piece of paper MAKES THEM REAL . We believe things when we see them in print! And these are YOUR DREAMS so you can really believe what you see. If they change every day, then that is part of the process and also PART OF WHO YOU ARE. Embrace all the facets of your body, mind and spirit. Who are you?

Step #3 Start doing something! What did you write down? Start with doing something related to what you “say you want” in your life. Sound intimidating? You bet! It’s also exciting. Is your heart pounding just thinking about it? Palms sweaty? Good! Do it. Do something NOW!

Step #4 Tell someone who cares about you what you are doing. Let them know what your dreams are and what you intend to do to make those dreams come true. Make that person your cheerleader! Your witness! Write down your goals and intentions in a journal and on pieces of paper taped to your mirror. This is your life! Make it a good one!

Step #5 Every time you do something towards your goal, whether you consider it to be a success or not, CELEBRATE! Give yourself credit for working towards your goals. You are creating the life you have always dreamed of. THIS IS YOUR LIFE! MAKE IT COUNT!


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