Fl_TeacherTool is a program to help teachers teach by utilizing the benefits of a Linux Terminal Server. It was designed to fit into the K12LTSP distribution but may also work with other LTSP systems. It was developed on K12LTSP 4.2EL using C++ and FLTK. Released under the GNU GPL.

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Sceencast Video of new feature



  • New: Internet Access Control
  • New: Snapshots Thumbnail View
  • New: Group/Room Filter
  • New: Wake classroom client computers using WOL
  • New: Multiple classroom support
  • New: Spotlighting students.
    Allow one student to share in Broadcast control
  • List students connected to Terminal Server
  • View list of programs students are running
  • Run programs for students
  • Discover which students are running a particular program
  • Select students who are running a particular program
  • Invert selected students
    (handy for finding students who are NOT running a program)
  • Monitor student activity by viewing their screen
  • Control/Tutor a student by viewing and controlling their mouse and keyboard
  • Broadcast a window for classroom demonstration purposes
  • Distribute files to students home directories
  • Launch screensaver for students
    (handy for getting the attention of class)
  • Send short messages to students
  • Logoff students
  • Close a specific program for the entire class or a single student