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Lens and Optics
Helios 103 Lens Dismantle


The following describes the steps to dismantle a Kiev mount Helios 103 lens.

Loosen the set-screw on the mount base.


Unscrew the mount base from the lens block. Note the spacer that sets up the correct lens flange to film plane distance. When it is time to fine tune the lens working distance this spacer will be adjusted.


Use a spanner to remove locking collar from the rear lens group.


The rear lens group then just lifts out of the lens block.


To dismantle the rear lens group, unscrew back retaining ring from rear lens group and remove the rear-most lens element.


Remove the second lens element from the group block.


Here’s the whole rear lens group dismantled.


This spacer sets up the distance between the two lens groups.


Scribe a reference mark so that the aperture select ring will align back to a known position with the lens block. In this case I have marked it to correspond to the last notch on the click-stop and to f11.


Loosen the set-screws that hold the aperture ring on.


The aperture ring comes away from the lens assembly.


Loosen the set-screw.


Unscrew to remove the front bezel revealing the front lens group.


Loosen the set-screws on the retaining ring and unscrew.


Pull the aperture collar forward to reveal the click-stop ball and remove it and place in a safe place before it falls out on its own and rolls away.


Pull out the click-stop spring and place it in a safe location.>


Use a spanner to remove the front lens locking collar.


Remove the lens element from the front lens group.


Remove the rest of the front lens group from the main lens block.


Here’s the whole front lens group ready for cleaning or what ever you had in mind when you decided to take your lens apart. For re-assembly just reverse the procedure.



June 24, 2007