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Horizon 202
Rewind Knob Fix

When I first got my Horizon 202 I kept breaking film when I advanced the film. Definitely a small quality problem that is remedied with some attention to detail.



The rewind knob sits down way too far and fouls against the Speed Range Selector when you advance the film as indicated by Blue Arrow.


Undo this screw.


Don't loose this little washer under the rewind knob.


I found a phenolic paper washer in my junk parts bin that is .40mm (.016") thick that seems to be right for the job. The sides were trimmed away to form the shape as shown.


Insert the washer just so. 


Replace the rewind knob and tighten. You may need to brace the rewind fork with something to tighten the screw. I used the butt end of my tweezers.


Presto! Problem solved.


February 05, 2006