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Horizon 202
Tripod Base Fix

I don't know what they were thinking. This thing just doesn't mount up to a tripod in a stable fashion.



The threaded collar around the tripod mount hole sticks out from the base of the camera by a mile. This creates a small wobbly platform that does not work well to stabilize your camera when mounted to a tripod. The real problem is associated with having a plastic outer shell that is not in contact with the inner casting. For that matter the plastic shell is not planar flat on the bottom surface. So, they thought the remedy would be to create a little cylindrical boss to be the tripod contact patch.


The way I figure it by cutting down the cylinder boss to the same level as the surrounding plastic casting you have a larger surface to stabilize the camera with. The cylindrical boss part just unthreads from the inner tripod treaded bush. Measuring up the depth from the plastic outer surface to inside I needed to remove enough material to yield a 2.00mm thick part. Using what ever method at your disposal make this part thinner. The material is aluminium and cuts very easily, one could even use a course file to do the job.


Looking good, part is ready to go back on.


There, that is way better than before.


February 05, 2006