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Lens and Optics
Cheap Jupiter-8 Lens Caps

So you ordered yourself a camera and it came with the obligatory Jupiter-8 lens only to find there is no lens cap on it. Or, you've accidentally lost yours and now you have to find the seemingly impossible 40.5mm sized lens cap. Furthermore, what are you going to do if you want to dismount your J-8 lens? Leave the rear lens element unprotected? Not a chance!

For those that value function over form, we've pulled together the truly classic cheap-o lens cap just right for the occasion.


Go out and find yourself some of these good old Kodak film canisters. You probably have dozens of them lying around.


Cut out the inner lip of the lid by however means you see fit. Special note to self, don't cut your finger!


If you got through the last step without any bloodshed, snap on this little beauty and admire just how perfectly it fits. Nice!


The other end of the business stick calls for something you may already have. In my household we take vitamins, and they do come in some pretty handy container sizes. If you live in a community that takes recycling somewhat serious, then your local health food or vitamin supply shop may take back empty vitamin containers for recycling. Take your Jupiter-8 lens with you next time you buy vitamins. You'll certainly get odd looks while you peruse the shelves sizing out some healthy options for your lens.


Found something that fits? Viscously hack the lid off by any means possible. If you are still in the vitamin store, THIS WILL get some looks.


If neatness counts you may trim off any rough edges.


Gouge out the paper insert and...


Install to complete. It may not look like a million bucks but it sure does work. Besides, if you loose one of these lens caps you know where to get several dozen more.


June 05, 2006