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Super Ikonta vs Super Isolette

Head-to-head grudge match, no holds barred smackdown.


I've always wondered which was better, the moving front cell focus of the Zeiss Super Ikonta or the unit focus of the Agfa Super Isoette. The heritage of the Zeiss Tessar optics should compare favourably with the highly rated Solinar glass, so I'm led to believe. Does it really? Can you tell which image above is the Zeiss Super Ikonta and which is the Agfa Super Isolette? These are 20X magnification images.


When magnified even more we see there is a very noticeable difference. Care to venture a guess which is which? If you are wrong you owe me a beer...

The image on the left is the Zeiss Super Ikonta and the right is the Agfa Super Isolette. This matches up to the first images at the top of page with the Super Ikonta being the first image and the next one down the Super Isolette.

I think I'll be using my Agfa Super Isolette more than the Super Ikonta...


February 26, 2009