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Cleaning & Repairs
The Basics… Base Swivel Locking Latches    


 Most of the disassembly is pretty self-explanatory, where there are any items to keep an eye on I’ll detail it. I have the lock levers in the locked position for the following images. First take off the cap screw any spacer. On my earlier Kiev’s there is a cylinder spacer under the cap screw.


 When you take off the lock plate notice the position of the notch highlighted in blue and see how it corresponds with a notch on the base of the swivel lever assembly in red. This is really the main area to keep an eye on when you tighten the cap screw.




Notice the wavy spring washer, blue arrow, this pulls the lock levers in flush to the camera body.



 Here’s another place to watch. The wavy spring washer has two flat areas in red and when mated to the lock lever base, should align with two flat cuts shown by blue arrows. Clean up the parts and reassemble in reverse order making note of any alignment and you should be good.

 June 05, 2006