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Cleaning & Repairs
Removing Lens Mount Helical


To remove the lens mount helical for cleaning or to adjust something follow along.

To get the lens mount assembly off, some disassembly is required. The front chrome plate will need to come off first. Remove the six obvious screws indicated by Blue and Red Arrows. Note, the two screws at the Red Arrows are shorter. Peel back a bit of the leather as indicated by Yellow Circle to reveal the secret seventh screw. This one is always the bane of every first timer that attempts this.


Lift the chrome plate up from the bottom. You may have to use a bit of force to clear the rangefinder bezel circled in Blue. Usually the chrome plate hangs up on the bottom edge of the bezel.


Push down on the focus infinity lock and keep lifting the chrome plate away.


Once you have the chrome plate removed you will find a viewfinder bezel frame.


Over on the rangefinder side you'll find the front glass plate.


Followed by a spring metal frame under the glass.


Before you proceed further set the focus to infinity and either draw with a fine tip permanent marker or scribe a line on the focus drive gear adjacent to the body. This will be a reference point so that when we remove the lens mount and mate it up later we will be able to set the focus wheel at infinity and match it up.


Remove the four screws indicated by Blue Arrows. There will be some shim washers between the lens mount base and the camera body casting. Keep each shim(s) separate and mark which ones go to which corner. These shims set the crucial Camera Working Distance.


Make note that the top-left screw is shorter than the other three.


Remove the whole lens/focus mount assembly. Sometimes it may hang up on the inner light baffle but a little wiggling and jiggling will free it.


Once you have the lens mount/helical removed, please try and resist the urge to turn the focus wheel. I know from experience that curiosity will cost you in time later as you will loose the precious infinity reference mark indicated by Blue Arrow and you will be forced whether you want to or not into learning how to adjust the rangefinder.

Follow the reverse steps for re-assembly.

June 05, 2006