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Lens and Optics
As I go through and clean or fine tune some lenses I will post what I have in this section.

Front Row: Jupiter-8 (5cm/f2), Jupiter-8M (53mm/f2), Helios 103 (53mm/f1.8), Industar 61 L/D (53mm/f2.8)
Rear Row: Jupiter-3 (5cm/f1.5), Jupiter-12 (3.5cm/f2.8), Jupiter-9 (8.5cm/f2), Jupiter-11 (13.5cm/f4)

  • Helios 103 lens Dismantle  Discussions have it that the Helios 103 is the sharpest lens for the Kiev but mine was far from being my "top dog" lens. I took it apart to see what was amiss with it, only to find oil deposits on the inner lens and aperture.
  • Jupiter-9 lens Dismantle You'll be surprised just how simple these lenses really are. Dive in and make your focus silky smooth.
  • Jupiter-11 lens Dismantle A real nice person out there decided that we needed to have a Jupiter-11 procedural document, and now we have one.



October 15, 2006