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Cleaning & Repairs
Shutter Assembly Removal


If you need to remove a Kiev shutter assembly for cleaning or some other repair, refer to previous procedural document on Top Casting Removal to prepare access to the shutter assembly for removal.


 First the Film Plane Back Casting must be removed. The four screws shown by Yellow Arrows, then the one inset screw at the bottom of the Film Advance Sprocket Spindle shown by the Blue Arrow.


 Hereís a close-up of the screw at the bottom of the Film Advance Sprocket Spindle. A slightly magnetized screwdriver will aid in taking this screw out and in placing it back for reassembly.


 Keep track of any screws that are shorter as shown at position by Yellow Circle. Kiev 3ís may have two shorter screws. Pull down on back casting indicated by Blue Arrow to disengage along the top and remove starting from the viewfinder side.



 Expose Flash Synch wire by removing two screws that hold the cover plate on. Peel back insulating material and unsolder the wire from the socket base.


 Remove three screws on the top of the shutter assembly as shown by Yellow Arrows.


 Itís a good idea at this time to replace the Shutter Advance Knob as it acts as a good handle to grasp on to when the shutter assembly is actually lifted out. Remove the two screws and the one long shaft screw as shown by Yellow Arrows. The shaft screw is actually a support shaft for the upper shutter casting.


 Note the size and shapes of all the screws that hold the shutter assembly in place in these detailed images, they are all slightly different from each other.




 Gently lift out the shutter assembly by starting at the side of the Advance Knob and towards the bottom. The following images will help make this clearer.


 Some gentle wiggling may be required to get the shutter out.


 Something to watch for, on most Kievís there is a spacer washer that rests between the shutter assembly and the body casting shown at position by Yellow Arrow. When you remove the shutter assembly this washer may fall out and you will wonder where it actually came from.


The spacer washer rests just on top of the hole at the position indicated by the Blue Arrow. A little dab of thick grease will hold this washer in place during re-attachment of the shutter at time of reassembly. Just a note before you get too far, the upper curtain rod indicated by Yellow Arrow can fall out easily. Place a small piece of masking tape over this to make sure it does not fall out. If it does then you will have to learn all about synchronizing the curtain shutter gears.


 Admire the intricate beauty of the Kiev camera and its mechanism. Spend some time examining the shutter assembly as it truly is a work of art!


 A word or two regarding reassembly of the shutter back into the body, follow the steps in the reverse order. Reinsert the flash synch wire through the hole prior to fitting the shutter in place. Before you seat the shutter assembly all the way in, pull the Selftimer Arm, as indicated by the Yellow Arrow, such that the screw head will clear the notch in the Shutter Actuation Arm, as shown by the Blue Arrow.


 When reseating the assembly install it to put the shutter casting lug over the spring retaining strap at the Yellow Arrow position and the casting under the spring retaining strap at the Blue Arrow position.

 June 05, 2006